A new travel destination! “Columbia Pictures Aquaverse” Enter the water theme park Play all day without getting bored

who likes it Fun for the whole family to “Columbia Pictures Aquaverse” is Columbia Pictures’ world’s first full-scale theme park and water park.

“Aquaverse Columbia Pictures” The world’s first fully cinematic Columbia Pictures theme park and water park. There are cutting-edge ride zones and experience favorite characters from all-time favorite Hollywood movies that delight fans of all ages, such as Ghostbusters. ghostbusters (Ghostbusters) Jumanji, magical world-sucking game (Jumanji) Bad Boys, partner in hell (Bad Boys) Hotel Transylvania Ghost Hotel escapes on vacation (Hotel Transylvania) The magic ball fell through dimensions (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs ) and Zombieland with a host of ride zones available from October 2022 make Columbia Pictures Aquaworld theme park and water park This is a new attraction and fun center that attracts domestic and international tourists around the world.

amusement park and water park “Aquaverse Columbia Pictures” Located in Sattahip District About 90 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport or about 2 hours from central Bangkok Columbia Pictures Aquaverse located on Sukhumvit Road. Surrounded by white sandy beaches, famous beach clubs, restaurants and attractions to explore, it is only a 20-minute drive from Pattaya City, and there are plenty of accommodation options nearby.

Tourists will be able to experience the fun with the famous characters that everyone loves. Full of monsters from the Hotel Transylvania story ready to welcome players. The Proton Stream ride from Ghostbusters takes players on an enjoyable journey before ascending into the world’s first and largest spherical slide.

Screaming with the Proton Stream player
For the highlight zones not to be missed are:

1. Ghostbusters Zone
from the most popular movies of the era with ghosts and proton ghost catchers Get ready for Asia’s first pool water slide from Ghostbusters Enter the Ghostbusters Fire Station. moving down the stream and being chased by the green Slimer and other villains in Ghostbusters.

Proton Stream
Tag a team of brave friends or family members into a 4 seater rubber raft and get ready to scream on the thrilling rides. It starts with sliding down a zig-zag track to a sharp turn in the dark before diving into a spherical water slide to face the giant ghost. Mister Stay Puff Marshmallow Man! Make sure everyone enjoys it.

Slimmer Speed ​​Racer
Experience the thrill of a pair in the world’s first Ecto-1 themed two-seater tube. Then race together down different lanes through 8 big turns before diving into the slimy ghost’s long green body and ascending into the wide mouth waiting to spit slime at you! Let’s challenge brothers and friends to a fair competition. Let the laws of gravity on giant slides decide the winners and losers of this game.

Ghost Trap Adventure
Bravely go forward and enter the ghost trap. Glide on a tube with your bestie on a water rollercoaster that will make you scream and get goosebumps as you fall. and whistling along the tracks Before being pushed by the force of a proton, he plunged into the darkness in three ghost traps. Remember, don’t close your eyes blindly when you encounter the ghosts of Muncher, Mini Puff and the terrifying Terror Dog.

Experience the ecto-1 car themed 2 seater tube
2. Jumanji Zone
Challenge the world of Jumanji Step into an exciting adventure Travel on a rainforest themed slide to reach Jaguar Mountain. Encounter different beasts and be hunted by ferocious mandrills before diving into Jumanji’s emerald pool.

Join on an adventure with heroes like Ruby Bravestone Mouse and Shelly, Tag a team of friends in the tube to soar into the game. Sail through the darkness before slipping into a herd of mandrills. You will almost escape as if you had been sucked into the mouth of a huge snake gliding through the fangs of the long serpent out into the huge pool below!

Join the adventure with a Viper ride.
Jungle Stampede
It goes with the extreme cornering. and unconsciously dived to escape the monkeys. A mandrill bursts into a tunnel of dark and bright slides that escape through the mouth of a giant, devouring hippo.

Jaguar Mountain
See Jaguar Mountains in full 2023. Take a snake-shaped tube that crosses the current before taking a sharp turn and soaring into Jaguar Mountain. Will you be able to pass the dogs back down safely and win the game?

Have fun with the great curve.
3. The Mini Golf Emoji Movie
Players can show off their cool skills in the mini golf zone, which is surrounded by scenes from The Emoji Movie. Fun themed selfies don’t stop at every hole. Golf through obstacles and take the chance to take home prizes for the whole family!

4. Zombieland Zone
Chase Zombie
Escaping the zombies to the adrenaline pumping slides, grab the Matt Racer and jump down the tracks together. Ascend through serpentine pipes to face scary clowns and the water curtain below.

Great fun in the tunnel slides
The Beast
Run away from hordes of zombies in Zombieland plunge down one of the steepest slides in Asia. Almost ninety degrees from a height of 18 meters, sure to be great fun.

Double tap
A horde of zombies is bursting through the unstoppable underworld. Rush into the capsule tube, close the door, and prepare to descend the 12-meter tube and make a 360-degree loop before reaching the zombie-free zone safely.

Show off your cool skills in the mini golf zone
5. The Magic of Meatballs Falling Through Dimensions (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)
Foamy Waterfall River Can’t get too excited…take a break and float on one of the longest rivers in Asia at 335 metres, meet Berry Berry And the Foodimals, these amazing mutant food creatures!

6. Hotel Transylvania
Together with Drac and his friends, go to the water park ride zone with the biggest brand in Aquaverse and Southeast Asia. Featuring 9 slides and over 100 water toys such as water rockets, giant splash buckets and more, with monsters led by Drake Mavis, the lobby and the delegation waiting to welcome everyone at the hotel. This is magnificent Transylvania

Face the terrifying clown zombies.
7. Bad Boys Racing Club
Fasten your seat belts to push the accelerator to the limit and blast your way through a go-kart along Miami Beach. On the outdoor race track and exclusive sports go-karts.

Surf Up
8. Surf Up
young people who like to surf We have Double Flow Rider for you to play alongside your best friend. In the tropics of the Pen Gu Islands, you can surf with Cody Chicken Joe and Lani, or step by step. for beginners There is an instructor to accompany you without worry.

Surfer's corner

Aquaverse Wave Pool
9. Aquaverse Wave Pool
Take the opportunity to sunbathe and have fun in the huge wave pool. Surf the waves in the artificial sea, listen to great music, this venue is also a hub for music festivals, film screenings and live shows, with huge LED screens and Dolby DTS sound systems Built on a huge pool

Columbia Pictures Movie Theme Park and Water Park
There is also a wide selection of food and drink outlets. Including a souvenir shop that cannot be found anywhere else. Also designed in the theme of famous characters from popular films.

Columbia Pictures Aquaverse is located at 888 Moo 8, Na Chom Thian Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, Tel 0-3300-4999, website

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