A new visual identity for the Federation ...

In the FRF General Assembly held on Wednesday, the affiliated members approved the change of the visual identity of the Romanian Football Federation.

"The Romanian Football Federation enters a new era. The mission of the new FRF brand, created by Brandient, is to unite under one brand all the entities that contribute to the modern transformation of Romanian football. FRF wanted to put under the same logo the essential values ​​of Romanian football:

· Credibility and Honor

· Performance and Progress

· Patriotism and Social Involvement

· Partnership and Support

· Passion and Performance

Football is more than the National Team. From the joy of the village streets to the performance of the big stadiums. Because the winning generations are born and formed, they are not invented, and Progress springs from everyone's joy to play: in the gym, on the beach or in the grass, boys and girls, the Romanian Football Federation has developed competitions and built credibility. Football means TOGETHER and the Romanian Football Federation says today we are "BETTER TOGETHER" for the development of football in Romania ", notes frf.ro.

"Over the last five years, the Romanian Football Federation has transformed Romanian football. A transformation that means dozens of new competitions, especially at the junior and junior level, an unprecedented increase after 1990 of the number of football players, boys and girls, a historical development for futsal and female football. We say with all confidence that both the Romanian football and the Romanian Football Federation have changed. And when they say the Romanian Football Federation tells the FRF team and all the affiliated members. The Romanian Football Federation has acquired a new identity, both in Romania and in the other European federations, towards UEFA and FIFA ", said Răzvan Burleanu, the president of the Romanian Football Federation.



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