A non-stop flight begins to Florida in Burlington

BURLINGTON, Vt. There are non-stop flights at Burlington International Airport now to Orlando Florida with Air Borders.

Good news for local travelers, such as residents of Burlington, Ann and James Benoit who have transferred flights when they are buying South.

"It was a direct flight and it was late in the day and so we had to get up early in the morning," said Ann Benoit.

The new airline that attracts travelers to the Queen's City does not usually fly from this. He took a couple of 2 hours south of Montreal to save money.

"We usually fly from Montreal," said Martin Caramaux from Montreal.

What are those coming north? A family from Florida in Burlington has still become a flip but say they are ready for the slopes.

"Convenient, easy from Orlando. Great flight," said Kristen McNab of Florida.

Have an affordable service for those people to fly to flight or without flying at all. This will make the difference in the world, "said Gene Richards, Burlington International Airport.

The airport says that the borders of the Borders are expected to help build the airport, adding 4,000 additional people into the terminal per month and out.

The airline did not make the cost as expensive as you think, the airport says they have recently restored 20,000 dollars to the terminal to create the new gateway for the planets.

"We are looking forward to a strong employee in employment – this is what the airport needs," said Richards.

That's just the start, the airport plans to improve its taxi route, and on a car rental facility and building a new hotel nearby.

What could these travelers stay from Montreal by choosing BTV as their chosen airport.

"Surely if the opportunity comes up again with sure we will do it," said Caramaux.

The airport encourages people who are interested in using the airline to use it or you may lose it. As it is right now, the Orlando flights will continue until the spring. That's when there are unlimited flights at Border and United to Denver.


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