A nudity display on a schoolgirl; Middle-aged man arrested – Man arrested for displaying nudity | Crime News

Kochi ∙ A man who showed nudity on a school student was arrested. Police arrested Vaddakekara Pratish (42) at his house in Kaithakkat, Kodungallur, Vemballur. The car he was traveling in was also taken into custody. The incident happened at 3.30 pm on the last day.

The accused saw the student walking home alone from school and followed her in the car. The complaint is that he stopped the car near the student on the pretext of asking for directions, called him and then showed his nudity. The terrified student screamed and ran home to report the news.

The accused was caught by a team led by Inspector Vadakekara VC Suraj. The investigation focused on the car in which the accused was travelling. The accused was arrested and produced in court and remanded. He was a non-resident, now he is a permanent resident of the country.

English Summary: Man arrested for showing nudity in front of a Student

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