A painting received in lieu of a meal 50 years ago has sold over 300 million won

A married couple who ran a restaurant in the 1970s
Lewis’ early work, an unknown artist at the time
2弗 Replace it with a sandwich… recent auction

Irene (left) and Tony Demas hold a black truck painted by Maud Lewis, which was recently auctioned for $272,548 (about 340 million won). Miller & Miller Auction Facebook Capture

50 years ago, a painting offered by a restaurant customer in Canada in lieu of a sandwich sold for $272,548 (about 340 million won) at an auction. According to the Washington Post (WP) on the 27th (local time), Irene Demas (69, female) and her husband Tony Demas (90) recently auctioned off a painting by Canadian artist Maud Lewis (1903-1970) called The Black Truck (The Black Truck) said it was sold for $272,548, more than ten times the estimated price. This painting was received by the Demas from a poor painter who lived nearby 50 years ago instead of $1.95 for a sandwich.

The Demas, who ran a Mediterranean restaurant for 12 years in Ontario, Canada in the 1970s, often received paintings in exchange for food from the famous painter John Kinnear, who was a regular at the time. When I received the painting, I never imagined that the painting would be worth hundreds of millions of won. “We needed a painting to hang in the restaurant,” said Irene.

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