A parade to mourn “Arm Peeraphon”, son of Ae, to smile before the accident, went live. Challenging ghosts on the crematorium

A procession to mourn “Arm Peeraphon”, son of Ae, invited to smile a few hours before the accident. Just went live to challenge a ghost show on the crematorium. sad post dad

From the case at 03.30, Chaiyapruek Police Station received a notification. A large bicycle crashes into the back of a ten-wheeler. The whole car was engulfed in flames, and the motorbike driver was killed. Later he learned that the deceased Mr. Peeraphon Chantrong or Arm, 26 years old, eldest son of Ae Chunyim

In the morning, it was found in the online world, many people posted mourning for the death of Mr Peeraphon. Open a page to create content about the mystery. The name of the page Ghost Story V2 that before the accident Mr. traveled. Peeraphon and his team to test the spirits in a crematorium. And Facebook is live around midnight.

On the other hand, Ae Chun Yim posted a picture with his son. with the message that Invite you to listen to the prayers of Phra Abhidhamma Arm Peeraphon at Seng Wai Temple (Bang Sue) tonight, the first night of September 30. #It’s time to rest.

“When you were born, my father stood and looked through the mirror. The postnatal room. When you left, my father stood and looked through the mirror as usual… but the feeling was different .”