A petrol bomb hits a lorry in Mattanur; Broken glass – Petrol bomb attack | Hartal in Kerala | Popular Front Hartal | Kannur News | Mattanur

Kannur ∙ During the Popular Front (PFI) hartal, a petrol bomb was hurled at a truck at Mattannur Pallot Church in Kannur. The front window of the truck was broken. The attack took place on a truck coming towards Thalassery after unloading cargo at Iritti.

No one was injured. The police started an investigation after taking the statement of the truck driver. This afternoon, there was also a bomb attack on the RSS office in Mattannur. The bed in the office caught fire and the window pane was broken.

English Summary: Popular Front Hartal: Petrol bomb attack against a truck in Mattanur

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