A photo posted by a famous actress today (30th) surprised everyone

A female celebrity who suddenly changed her mind is a hot topic.

Below is Yoon-Joo Jang’s Instagram

Model and actor Jang Yoon-ju posted a selfie and a sentence on his Instagram story, “I should sleep. But why does it suit you well. Shave your hair next?”

Jang Yoon-ju is showing off her bald-haired hairstyle as if she actually shaved her head through a ‘camera filter’ in a selfie.

Despite his shaved hairstyle, he captivated the viewers with his small head, clean skin, and attractive features.

News 1
News 1

Recently, Jang Yoon-ju was recognized for her acting skills in the movie ‘The Three Sisters’ and was nominated for the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.



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