A picture of a housewife was circulated on a pornography website; The police allegedly ignored the complaint

Thiruvananthapuram: Complaint that the police refused to file a case on a complaint that a housewife’s photo was displayed on an obscene website in Kattakada. The woman said that she filed a complaint with the cyber police on 31st of last month and the Kattakkada police on February 1. But the police tried to settle this, according to the complaint. A complaint was submitted to the Rural District Chief of Police regarding the neglect of the complaint.

The complaint was handed over to the Kattakkada police for further investigation into the case. It was spread on pornographic sites which were banned in India and popular in foreign countries including the Gulf. The girl’s photo and phone number were circulated using obscene words. The incident happened on the 25th of last month.

After this act, obscene messages came to the young girl’s phone from many countries. At first many calls were blocked thinking it was a wrong number, but then many messages came. A complaint was then filed with the police. The woman said that the accused and the woman’s relatives came to the woman’s house and apologized. The woman insisted on questioning seven people, including the accused youth.

The woman’s relatives said they will file a complaint with the DGP and the Chief Minister against the Kattakkada police who tried to settle the case. Meanwhile, the forest shop inspector says the woman’s claims are unfounded. A case was registered on the complaint and the accused was called to testify. The police also said that they are being transferred to the cyber cell. He also informed the police that the photo and information distributed on the website had been removed.

STORY HIGHLIGHTS: Woman’s Complaints against Kattakkada Police

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