A place where a woman who was gang raped in a public toilet was tied up naked

A public toilet in India (the picture is not directly related to the driver). AP=Yonhap News

A woman was found tied to a telephone pole in a village in Bihar province in northern India. India Today reported on the 26th (local time) that this woman was victim of gang rape while visiting a public toilet.

A woman who left the house the morning before to use the public toilet. I didn’t realize that the black hands were aiming at him. The gang of criminals drags the woman to an uninhabited place and rapes her. They brutally beat the resisting victim and threatened to kill him if he refused.

After the rape, a bloody naked woman was hung on a power pole. This woman was found in dire condition by the villagers and was eventually taken to the hospital. After moving to the hospital once, treatment continues, but it is still in critical condition.

Residents claim that “the wedding was scheduled to be held at the victim’s house, but the workers who came to work here are the culprit,” and “the perpetrators committed the crime against the victim from the beginning.” Residents captured seven workers who worked here and handed them over to the police. The police are investigating the exact details of the case against them.

Meanwhile, in India, sentences were strengthened in the wake of the death of a female college student in her twenties after being mass raped in a city bus in New Delhi in 2012, but sexual crimes are still widespread. According to the “crimes in India” released in March by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the number of sexual assault cases counted by the Indian police in 2019 alone reached 32,033 cases. However, if the incidents that have not been reported to the police are added, the scale of the damage is likely to be greater.

Reporter Go Seok-hyun [email protected]


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