A rally condemning “Lee Soo-jung to resign”… Delivered 27,000 signatures to the People’s Power predecessor

Raise your voice in front of the People’s Power Central Party, saying, “Lee Su-jeong, who defends corrupted feminism, should resign.”
Yoo Sang-beom, Seo Il-joon, etc. visited the site of the senior officials… “I apologize on behalf of the people’s power”

On the 4th, a rally was held in front of the company in Yeouido, Seoul, calling for the resignation of Sujeong Lee, a professor of criminology at Kyonggi University, who was appointed as the joint election committee chair of the People’s Power. On the side of the People’s Power, representatives of the previous election, such as Yoo Sang-beom, the head of the Legal Support Group and Seo Il-joon, the chief of staff, had a private interview with the organizers and received the signatures of those who urged them to resign.

Song Si-in, president of the Citizens’ Coalition for the Promotion of Gender Equality, which hosted the rally, raised his voice, saying, “We strongly demand the dismissal of Professor Lee, who advocates corrupted feminism and tries to color the political world.”

In-gyu Bae, president of the New Men’s Solidarity, an anti-feminist group, also said, “(Professor Lee) defends ‘Alpes’, a novel that sexualizes celebrities and others, and a woman’s false statements can destroy a man’s life. He was positively in favor of the crime of adultery.” He also urged Professor Lee to be dismissed.

They said that about 27,000 people took part in the signature campaign demanding the resignation of Professor Lee for about 40 hours. He continued to chant slogans such as ‘Lee Soo-jung to resign,’ ‘oppose feminism’, and ‘respond to the people’s power’, saying that he would not stop the sit-down until a member of the People’s Power member received the list of signatories.

The rally that day attracted more than 99 people, the maximum number of people who could participate. Excess personnel fell from one side to watch or participate in relief.

※ You can check the meeting site and interview with Bae in the video.

About ten minutes after the slogan had been chanted, Director Yoo, who was also a member of the National Assembly, and Director Seo, and Geum-hee Yang, Chairman of the Central Women’s Committee, came down to the assembly site.

Chairman Yoo said at this meeting, “I apologize on behalf of the party for the fact that the people’s power has been evaluated as ignoring the voices of young people in their 20s and 30s.” We do not downplay or ignore them,” he said.

He added, “I hope you will recognize that this is a party that will work hard so that your voices can be reflected if we take power.”

Director Yoo and his party had a private interview for about 30 minutes with the organizers, CEOs Song and Bae.

In a closed interview, Chairman Bae announced that he had informed about the feminist behavior of the co-election chairperson and the public sentiment of the 2030 youth for the power of the people, and delivered a list of signatories.

Chairman Yang, who was with the meeting, said in a phone call with the Segye Ilbo video team after the rally, “I think that the organizers’ opinions will be conveyed to the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, as Director Seo was also there.”

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