A Russian man in Egypt was killed by a shark bite. Temporary closure of the Red Sea coast : PPTVHD36

Egyptian authorities have temporarily ordered 74 kilometers (74km) of coastline off the Red Sea after a Russian man was killed by a tiger shark.

Egyptian and Russian officials reported that there was a Russian man living in Egypt yesterday (June 8). He died after being bitten by a shark. Holiday area in the Red Sea

Egypt’s environment ministry said the man was attacked by a tiger shark in waters near Hurghada. Following the incident, authorities ordered the closure of 74km of coastline, banning swimming, snorkelling and any water sports activities until Sunday.

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Scientists have discovered that a “female crocodile has her own baby” even though she has not been in contact with a man for 16 years.

The ministry said the “shark attack cost him his life”, adding that the shark responsible had been caught. and it is being investigated in the laboratory to try to find out why it attacks people. which is very rare in the Red Sea

While the Consul General of Russia Viktor Vorobayev said the deceased was a Russian citizen. He did not give his name, saying only that the deceased was a Russian man born in 1999 (about 24 now), living in Egypt and not a tourist.

Videos circulating online show a man in the water repeatedly attacked by sharks, swimming around him. Then he was dragged down.

A diver who arrived at the scene after the attack said: People rushed to help the victim after lifeguards from a nearby hotel raised the alarm. but he was unable to help in time

The Russian consulate is urging Russian tourists to be careful when in the water. and adhere strictly to all swimming bans enforced by local authorities.

The destinations along Egypt’s Red Sea coast are popular with European tourists. Divers are attracted by offshore coral reefs. which is full of rich and colorful marine life

in recent years Egypt is trying to revive the tourism sector which has been affected by political instability The spread of the COVID-19 virus and the war in Ukraine

The tiger shark is a large shark that lives in tropical and temperate waters. in one of the sharks According to the International Shark Attack File, it is most likely to cause sudden attacks on people.

Shark attacks are relatively rare off the Red Sea coast, but in 2022 there were two fatal shark attacks in Hurghada within days. Two tourists from Austria and Romania were killed

In 2018, a Czech tourist was killed by a shark on a Red Sea beach, while a German tourist was killed in the same way in 2015. Back in 2010, there were five shark attacks in five days off the coast of Sharm el-Sheikh, a popular tourist spot. One German was killed and four foreign tourists were injured.

Compiled from Al Jazeera / The Guardian

Image from AFP


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