A ‘Scars Above’ demo is available now

Publisher Prime Matter is launching a third-person sci-fi shooter on October 6th‘Scars Above’demo version ofSteamDelivery has begun for a limited time.

The demo version can be played overseas until October 10th, and it supports Japanese. The main part of the game is available on Steam,PS4、PS5、Xbox One、Xbox Series X | SIt will also be released for

(Image from Scars Above – Trailer Reveal – YouTube)

“Scars Above” is a work set in an unknown world, and the genre isA sci-fi third-person action-adventure shooterIt is said that Along with battles that make full use of futuristic gadgets,Inspired by science fiction classicsIt will be a work that you can enjoy the story he had.

The story is about a mysterious structure in Earth’s orbit.“Methahedron”appears and opens the curtain. mankind is a research team“Sentient Contact Assessment and Response Team (SCAR)”but when they come into contact with the structure, the research team is transported to a mysterious planet.

where the player is a member of the research teamKate WardNext, while fighting against aliens infesting the planet, we will look for other members of the research team and solve the mystery of “Metahedron”.

gameplay isTPS formand combat and exploration using long-range weapons, consumables, and melee attacks.Stamina systemis adopted, and you need to pay attention to your own energy when running or avoiding enemy attacks.

Kate is an astronaut and a scientist. Not a good soldier in combat, but with scientific knowledgeAnalysis of artefacts and organismscan. By analyzing and increasing your knowledge, you can create various items and gadgets, so you can enjoy the strategic nature of combat by exploiting the enemy’s weak points.

Interested readers should play the demo version of Scars Above.

Steam: Scars Above here

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