A service improvement plan for brunch at home that makes you want to read

Improving the service on your own, part 1

Now, I’ve been thinking about improving the brunch I’m using to write this article.

I use brunch mostly for writing.

Suddenly, I was curious about how people who are not active as brunch writers, that is, readers, use brunch.

And we wanted to improve the “Brunch Home”, the main page provided for our readers.

Features and content for authors are so good!

However, the support for readers is disappointing.

As a writer, I felt no major discomfort or regret using brunch. It was more advantageous than other platforms to fulfill the purpose of writing for career improvement and job study, and above all, I was satisfied with the neat and usable editor without unnecessary things that sniped my taste. In addition, brunch provides excellent marketing support for authors, such as brunch book publishing and competitions. In many ways, features and content for authors are rich services.

On the other hand, how about from a reader’s point of view, another axis of brunch consumers?

In the reading library, you can view recently viewed articles and like articles, or browse by category in Brunch Now.. End?

Is it because it’s a service that stands out for its support for writers? Features and content for readers seems a bit disappointing. In particular, I thought that the main page for readers, “Brunch Home,” was an area where the unfortunate part stood out even more.

I will explain why I thought so, include the analysis, and the improvement plan step by step.

Brunch Home is the main page that displays the posts posted on Brunch in the form of a feed, and you can easily think of it as the same area as YouTube’s home. Just like you can scroll down and watch videos endlessly on the YouTube home page, the Brunch home page provides text content that makes you want to keep reading.

What kind of readers go into the brunch home?

In addition to running the Brunch app, posts in Brunch can also be viewed through SNS such as Kakao View or search portals. then, some path (ie some motive or purpose)There are two types of readers based on whether they enter the brunch with .

These are (1) readers who come in through other channels and (2) readers who come in by running the brunch app directly.

Firstly, Readers coming in through other channels The type is a reader who clicked on Kakao View to get interested in a specific content or to gather information, or entered through a search on the portal. In other words, it is a reader whose purpose is to read “specific” content. The needs of these readers would be to quickly look at the content and, if there is similar related content, to recommend it. Then, there is a high possibility that they will only look at the content and leave the brunch.

On the other hand, Readers enter by running the brunch appWhat about Since they were not submitted through search or other channels, it is very likely that they are readers and their purpose is to read the text only. These readers are the first to enter the brunch home, the main page of the brunch service.

What do readers who want to read do in brunch homes?

If so, what will a reader who really wants to “read” do after entering the brunch at home?

If the topic, field, or keyword you want to read is clear, there is a possibility that you can use the active search function or go to the Brunch Now page where you can search by category.

On the other hand, if you want to do the act of reading, but there is no specific article you want to read, you will stay at the brunch at home and browse the content by scrolling. At this point, what matters to the reader who is endlessly scrolling and searching the text is the text that makes them want to read, so, What the brunch home has to offer the reader is an article with rich content that they want to read.it would be.

By the way, how about the current homemade brunch?

A brunch home that should make you want to read it, but the current brunch home had a lot of regrets. Of the brunch homes I analyzed What is missingIs as follows.

Firstly. Exposure of content that seems to prioritize writers rather than readers

The first thing that is highlighted on the brunch home feed is the brunch book promotion. It doesn’t seem like it was written for me… Maybe a brunch book ad? It is the exposure of the content that even raises doubts. It feels more like an author writing a brunch book than a reader. Aren’t the main users of brunchhomes readers? We need to recommend brunch books that take into account readers’ interests rather than random brunch book promotions.

second. Popularity and recommendation criteria raise questions

In the brunch home, there are curated articles that are grouped into popular articles and recommended articles. It seems to be a bit far from my interests, but I’m not sure by what criteria it is popular and recommended. Is it popular because many people see it? Is this a hot topic these days? Interior construction, cats, and Europe do not seem to belong together.. Why recommend it? It causes doubts.

third. Lack of interest and interest due to lack of sufficient knowledge

Unknown article title.. And it is not interesting to know what kind of topic and content the article is based on just looking at the author’s name. This can eventually lead to leaving the brunch home screen and using the brunch app.

For a brunch at home that makes you want to read

So how can we improve it? FYI, I’ve looked at the YouTube home tab a lot. Only the nature of the content, the text and the video, is different, but the purpose is the same as it should stay in the main feed and encourage continued use of content.

Firstly. Recommend posts you might like

In a way, it’s so obvious, but why is brunch at home so weak? As mentioned earlier, at Brunch Home, adverts for brunch books and the latest articles are revealed first. Rather than this, we need personalized recommendations that reflect readers’ tastes and interests. Recommend articles based on similar topics and keywords to articles with a high search history or read rate.

In addition, the article of the subscribed author may be the most interesting article of the reader, but it is hidden in the feed menu, the bottom of the hamburger menu, not in the brunch home. Let’s reveal new articles from subscribed authors and unread articles on the main page.

second. Show timely posts

The desire to participate in the act of reading reflects the need for intellectual growth. Therefore, it is necessary to provide customized content based on interests, but also to provide timely articles such as current social issues. Let’s help balanced readers who want to grow intellectually based on hot issues and keywords.

As these articles might be a little far from the reader’s usual interests, why don’t we reveal not only the content of the text but also key sentences and phrases that can attract or arouse interest?

third. provide enough information

As stated earlier, the title of the article and the author’s name alone are not enough to attract the reader’s interest. Provide enough information to capture the reader’s attention, such as the reason for the recommendation, additional information such as keywords or points of view, and a compelling sentence or key phrase.

fourth. Today’s Bookshelf Helps You Read Better

YouTube does not end the currently playing video when rebrowsing the feed. When the currently playing video is finished, the next video will be played automatically. Because there should be no breaks.

Immersion is also important when reading texts. In the brunch home, frequent screen movements such as browse → read → go back → browse → read can interfere with the reading flow. We need a function that helps to read continuously without breaking the flow.

So, I suggest a function to collect the articles you want to read at home, save them to a bookshelf list today, and read them all at once. bookshelf todayI named it A function that provides continuous reading by pressing the kit similar to scraping or collecting articles that you do not want to keep separately, but want to read right now todayto be. This prevents frequent screen movements from interfering with the reading flow.

The original text of this article can be found here.

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