A-share headline: China Securities Regulatory Commission will take relevant measures to Brilliance Group and related intermediaries, the Ministry of Finance releases 2021 renewable energy subsidy budget_Market

Original title: A-share headline: China Securities Regulatory Commission will take relevant measures to Brilliance Group and related intermediaries, Ministry of Finance releases 2021 renewable energy subsidy budget

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On the afternoon of November 19th, the Party Committee of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission held a systematic meeting on high-quality development of party building (telephone and telephone). The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to deeply understand the dialectical relationship between financial chaos, financial risk and financial corruption, and integrate the management of financial chaos, prevention of financial risks and combating financial corruption into the overall situation of high-quality development of party building, and consider and grasp the political construction and Regulatory businesses are closely linked and organically unified, and continuously improve the level of governance, prevention, and combat capabilities to maintain financial market stability and national financial security.

2. The Ministry of Finance released the 2021 renewable energy subsidy budget, and the photovoltaic budget of 3.384 billion yuan

The Ministry of Finance issued a 2021 renewable energy tariff additional subsidy fund budget notice. According to the summary table of renewable energy electricity price additional subsidy funds budget, a total of 5.95419 billion yuan, of which photovoltaic budget funds are 3.38437 billion yuan, wind power is 2.31121 billion yuan, biomass is 59.78 million yuan, and public renewable energy independent systems are 198.83 million yuan.

Recently, Brilliance Automobile Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (Brilliance Group for short) defaulted on related bonds, which caused market concern. The Securities Regulatory Commission has carried out special inspections in accordance with the law. According to the inspection results, today, the Huachen Group has taken administrative supervision measures to issue warning letters and decided to file an investigation for suspected violations of information disclosure, and conduct simultaneous inspections of intermediaries involved in the Brilliance Group’s bonds. , And seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations.

Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the initial applications of the following companies in accordance with legal procedures: Shuhua Sports Co., Ltd., West Shanghai Automotive Service Co., Ltd., Chengdu Rainbow Electric (Group) Co., Ltd., and Sijin Intelligent Forming Equipment Co., Ltd. The above-mentioned companies and their underwriters will negotiate with the exchange to determine the issuance schedule and publish prospectus documents one after another.

The Securities Regulatory Commission took measures to issue a warning letter to Guolian Securities. Upon investigation, it was found that the company had the following problems in the process of planning a major asset reorganization: First, it did not effectively evaluate the regulatory policy and was insufficiently prepared for the restructuring options; second, it did not carefully evaluate the securities The impact of the market.

On November 20th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 300ETF put option November 5250 contract was suspected to have an oolong index. The contract suddenly dropped by 89.73% at 14:18, and then returned to the normal trading price at 14:21. Some researchers said that the reason for this situation was that someone in the market declared that the selling price was far lower than the current price. According to the price-priority transaction rule, the price of stock options fell by a large margin.

7. External disk: The number of new confirmed cases in the United States has increased sharply and economic recovery concerns have increased. At the same time, the obvious disagreement between the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve has also brought pressure on the market.

This week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.7%, the S&P fell 0.8%, and the Nasdaq rose 0.2%; GSX fell 8.23%, Xiaopeng Motors rose 11.95%, Yixian E-commerce rose 11.47%, and Dada Group rose 30.46% ; New York gold rose 0.6% to close at 1,872.40 US dollars, this week’s cumulative decline of 0.7% has fallen for two consecutive weeks; New York crude oil rose 1% to close at 42.15 US dollars, up 5% this week; major European stock markets closed up, Pan-Oss Trafigura 600 edged up 0.52% to 389.61 points.

2.[Market Strategy]

On Friday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened up and down mixed. The Shanghai Index opened slightly lower and the ChiNext stock index opened slightly higher. After the market opened, all stock indexes showed an upward trend, among which the Shanghai stock index was approaching its recent high again; while the ChiNext stock index broke through the 60-day moving average and showed two consecutive positives. On the whole, the market trend on Friday is dominated by upward movement. The three major stock indexes have been driven by the main hot spots in the previous period. They have either completed a breakthrough or are approaching the position of the pressure range; and the trading volume has increased, and the popularity has been increased. Pick up. Non-ferrous metals, automobiles, and gold led the gains; insurance, pork, and home appliances led the decline.

The performance of each stock index in the market this week ended up very well, but the process was twists and turns. Among them, the Shanghai stock index rose sharply on Monday and adjusted on Tuesday, followed by three consecutive positives, and smoothly approached the upper track of the previous box track; while the GEM stock index approached the lower track of the range after falling consecutively and began to counterattack, showing a first decline and then a rise. Trend. As for the market next week, next week will basically be the end of this month. As the end of the year is slowly approaching, structural opportunities in the market will gradually emerge.

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3.[Subject Nuggets]

Display:According to Wang Zhijun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at the opening ceremony of the 2020 World Display Industry Conference held on the 20th, the scale of China’s new display industry has grown steadily, from 74 billion yuan in 2012 to 372.5 billion yuan in 2019. The average growth rate exceeds 20%, injecting continuous momentum into the global industrial chain.

Subject: Shentianma A 000050, Changxin Technology 300088

electric bicycle:It is learned from the China Bicycle Association that in recent years, my country’s annual sales of electric bicycles have exceeded 30 million, and the social ownership has approached 300 million. According to statistics from the China Bicycle Association, the output of bicycles above 1,000 yuan in my country has been increasing year after year. In 2019, high-end products represented by lithium electric bicycles accounted for 13.8% of the total output of electric bicycles, with an annual output of nearly 5 million units, a new high.

Subject: Xinri Co., Ltd. 603787, Penghui Energy 300438

Four,[listed company]

【Major issues】

Three Gorges New Materials 600293: The chairman and the actual controller were criminally detained

Shuangta Foods 002481: New plant protein meat product launch conference will be held

Sanlian Dongan Power 600178: Non-military business range extender income has limited impact on the company’s production and operation

Jinbei Automobile 600609: The reorganization of Brilliance Group may have an impact on the company’s equity structure, accounts receivable, etc.

Kelite 300326: Terminate the introduction of Temasek Fullerton Investment and Hillhouse Capital as strategic investments

NavInfo 002405: The company sue Baidu for infringement case and obtain compensation of 64.5 million yuan in the first instance

[Fixed increase and reorganization]

*ST Quanye 600821: The proposed increase of funds not exceeding 1.34 billion yuan will be used for the 200MW photovoltaic composite project in Shapotou District of Ningxia Weigang New Energy Co., Ltd.

Haixing Co., Ltd. 603115: plans to raise funds not to exceed 760 million yuan for a new generation of high-performance medium and high-pressure corrosion foil projects, etc.

Biotech 688177: Initial public offering of overseas listed foreign shares was approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission

Pengling shares 300375: The controlling shareholder plans to change the actual controller of the transfer of control to Wang Zhifang

【Investment matters】

Harbin Engineering Intelligence 000584: Signed a cooperation framework agreement with China Tongfu

China Stone Technology 300684: plans to increase capital to a Hong Kong subsidiary to establish a new overseas production capacity for Thailand’s Sun Company

Visionox 002387: Signed a supply contract for flexible display and touch screen bonding components of RMB 91.11 million

Fujie Environmental Protection 688335: Won the bid of 537 million yuan in sludge treatment service project

Yuedian Power A 000539: The first phase of Bohe Power Plant was completed and put into operation

C&D Co., Ltd. 600153: Subsidiary terminates the acquisition of control rights of Hecheng shares

Yasui Foods 603345: plans to invest 600 million yuan to build the third factory in Xiamen

Wen’s shares 300498: plans to start the preparatory work for the spin-off of Wen’s Dairy for domestic listing

Hejia Medical 300273: Signed a contract for the purchase of engineering materials for the Guangzhou Respiratory Center Construction Project

Rui Neng Technology 603933: intends to acquire a controlling stake in Qidian Electric

Guizhou Sanli 603439: intends to invest 112 million yuan in Hanfang Pharmaceutical

Pudong Construction 600284: Subsidiary recently won a bid of 1.333 billion yuan in engineering projects

Yuanxing Energy 000683: initiated the establishment of an industrial M&A fund

【something else】

HNA Holdings 600221: “18 HNA Y5” deferred interest payment

Zhongdi Investment 000609: Yanhua Joint Venture intends to transfer 4.55% of the shares to Yanshan Petrochemical for free

Xishan Coal and Electricity 000983: proposed to change the stock abbreviation to “Shanxi Coking Coal”

Guolian Securities 601456: Received the decision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on administrative supervision measures

Xiaokang shares 601127 five days and four board: reminding SERES brand new energy vehicles to sell less than expected risk

Tahoe Optoelectronics 603656: The stock abbreviation will be changed to “Tahoe Smart” from November 26

Xiang Piao Piao 603711: Shareholder Anhui Zhizhou Hedao terminates dissolution and liquidation matters

Detron Environmental Protection 603177: Hong Kong Rongzhi Agreement Transfer of 5.9% of the company’s shares

Weir shares 603501: controlling shareholder intends to reduce holdings of no more than 1.04% of the shares

Minsheng Bank 600016: Change of registered capital was approved by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission

Haili Biological 603718: The actual controller, chairman and supervisors were taken compulsory measures

*ST Hanye 600226: Received advance notice of administrative penalty from Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau

Kelier 002892: Obtained the Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise Certificate

WuXi AppTec 603259: Antengene, a joint stock company, is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

[Overweight and reduce]

Huitong Energy 600605: People acting in concert with the actual controller increase their holdings by 5%

Hengmingda 002947: controlling shareholders, some directors and executives intend to increase their shareholding

Midea Group 000333: recent controlling shareholders and persons acting in concert reduced their holdings by 1.00% of the company’s total share capital

ST Lionhead 600539: Mountain Travel Group intends to reduce its holdings of the company by no more than 6%

Xinrui Technology 300745: Fortune Chuangfeng and its concerted parties intend to reduce their holdings by no more than 4%

Quanyangquan 600189: Shareholders intend to reduce their holdings of the company by no more than 4%

Win when wins 300377: The actual controller intends to reduce the company’s holdings by no more than 4.65%

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