A Shocking Discovery: The Dangers of Charm Needles Found in a Sick Woman’s Body

Title: Unveiling the Shocking Tale of a Woman’s Mysterious Charm Needle Implants

Astonishing Revelations Surface Amidst Hospital Admission of a Troubling Medical Anomaly

On September 28, 2023, a jaw-dropping story, divulged by the Hk01 website, unfolded, capturing the attention of many. Dr. Razif, a doctor practicing in Malaysia, took to TikTok to recount an unforgettable experience from his past years as a medical practitioner. The incident transpired in Kedah, a state in Malaysia, within the precincts of a local hospital. The tale revolves around a 60-year-old woman, admitted for stroke treatment. Despite being partially paralyzed and unable to articulate, she remarkably retained her consciousness and responsiveness.

Upon conducting a meticulous physical examination, along with various diagnostic measures such as blood tests, CT scans, and X-rays, the medical team made an astonishing discovery. Dispersed across her body, four areas in particular – her eyes, face, neck, and chest – were inexplicably adorned with implanted charm needles, colloquially known as Susuk. These delicate needles, sculpted from gold or other metallic materials, are steeped in local beliefs influenced by Indonesian customs. A myriad of women ardently hold on to the conviction that the insertion of these minuscule needles into specific body parts beckons desires and ensures success in various endeavors.

A Haunting Prohibition Before the Ultimate Departure

It is ingrained in traditional folklore that the Susuk needles must be delicately extricated from the body prior to the individual’s demise, lest a painful passage into the afterlife awaits. In the case of the aforementioned female patient, an imminent danger loomed amidst these supernatural embellishments. Dr. Razif pleaded with her to expeditiously eliminate the needles for her own well-being. Alas, his earnest admonition was met with resolute refusal. The patient adamantly clung to her decision of retaining the needles, rejecting any attempts to alter her stance. Unsurprisingly, she withheld this peculiar secret even from her own family, deeming it a personal prerogative to keep mum on the matter.

Even to this day, Dr. Razif confesses that the incident continues to evoke a profound sense of perturbation within him. He laments his failure to disclose this bizarre account to the patient’s daughter, who tirelessly cared for her during her hospital stay. Rather than unravelling the enigma, he restricted his inquiries to her medical history, prescribed medications, and other pertinent health-related aspects.

A sick woman is admitted to hospital A doctor is troubled by the discovery of a charm needle. Burial in eyes-face-neck-chest Warning to delete, refuse Before his death on September 28, 2023, the Hk01 website revealed a shocking story. One doctor in Malaysia named Dr. Razif posted on TikTok sharing an unforgettable experience from his time as a practicing doctor many years ago. in a hospital in the state of Kedah There was the case of a 60-year-old woman who was brought in to treat a stroke. One side of the body is paralyzed, unable to speak, but still conscious. and can respond

After a physical examination, blood tests, CT scans and X-rays, the medical team were somewhat surprised to discover that needles had been implanted all over her body, distributed in four areas: her eyes, her face, neck and chest. These needles were thin needles made of gold or other metal materials, called Susuk or charm needles. According to local beliefs that were influenced by Indonesia. Many women believe that inserting tiny needles in different parts of the body will help people become lustful. Whatever you do will be successful as your heart desires.

In addition, there is a traditional belief that before dying, the Susuk needle must be removed from the body. Otherwise, it will lead to a painful death.

However, in the case of the female patient, the needles were dangerous to her body. Dr Razif said that he told the patient to remove the needles from her body as soon as possible for safety. But he flatly refused. She chose to keep all the needles until the last minute of her life. Even before that, he had tried to convince her to change her mind. But it was not successful. And she was unable to inform her family about this matter. This is because it is the patient’s wish to keep this matter a secret.

Dr Razif admits that the case still upsets him to this day. She regretted not informing her daughter of this matter, at that time her daughter was taking care of him in the hospital. Instead, he only asked about his mother’s medical history, her medication use, and other health-related questions.

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