A simple way to improve your upright and upright posture


Ears, shoulders and hips are in a straight line

Some people walk with their heads bowed or their shoulders drooping in a stooped posture. gaitme postureis the person’s Strengthrepresents as it is. spinestraighten good postureto keep noblenessclass ConfidenceIt has the effect of not only expressing feelings, but also making you feel better.

if so what should i do upright and upright posturecan you do in everyday life Posture improvementto help simple wayFind out about


How to maintain an upright posture

Modern people go to work early in the morning, and unless there are meetings or outside work, the most of the timesecond in front of the computersend from Likewise sitting timeFor these many office workers and students back neckor sore shoulderThere are very few people who have never experienced a massage alone. If the pain that is not taken care of becomes severe, shoulder pain and spine diseasecan cause, above all, good posturethrough preventionI need this.

first body linesecond PerpendicularA straight fit is the basis of good posture. Especially when sitting on a chair, straighten your shoulders and pull your chin back ears and shoulders and hip linethis in a straight lineto be in In addition hipto the chair as far as possible stickIt is better to sit with your back straight and your back comfortably resting on the back of the chair.

Director Lee Sang-won of Yonsei Barun Hospital said, “It is sore throatto live correct postureto some extent symptom improvement“This is possible”upright postureIn addition to maintaining the stretchingalso to do muscle relaxationhelp relieve painIt helps to do that.”


‘YTWL’ exercise method good for posture correction

Quick and amazing, simple to do at home without equipment. Posture correction effectto bring ‘YTWL’ StretchThere is this. all movements proceed in orderbut especially 5 minutes in the morning take some time 3-4 times a week affectionIt is also good to implement.

Y stretch

on the floor prone positionbow your head in arms in a Y-shapestraight out with Squeeze your back so that your shoulders do not go up, and extend your arms as far as possible and lift them upwards. posture hold for 30 secondswhile doing 3 repetitionsdo.

T stretch

Similarly, when you open your arms arm and body shapethis T-shapedmake it become strength in the stomachwhile lifting your chest and arms upward. At this time spit out breathto be able to lift the body together.

W stretch

when viewed from above body and arm shapethis W-shapedBend your arms so that While pulling your chin tight so that your shoulders do not rise, press your shoulders downwards and raise your arms upwards. two wing bonesgo to each other feeling like we’re seeing each otherMaintain this position and repeat 3 times.

L stretch

elbowcast 90 degreesWith your hands bent, straighten your hands, a thumb, a big fingersilver skyto be directed towards elbowcast shoulderto the maximum thinking of puttingLift it up and lower it again. Also repeat 3 times.

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