A single Q&A, Joo Ho-Young, what will transpire if one non-commissioned member mirrors Yoon Shim?

“The most vital jobs are to restore security and rely on in the get together and form a successor leadership”
“The disaster demands to be resolved early…the too much to handle view that the sub-team immediately after the common assembly of the Nationwide Assembly is about”

Joo Ho-youthful, Chairman of the People’s Energy Disaster Reaction Committee, mentioned on the 16th, “If 1 out of 9 non-commissioned users displays the ‘you heart’, what will that be?”

In the very first push conference held considering that the inauguration of the non-captain, Chairman Joo pointed out that “there is a concern that Yoon-shim will be reflected in the lack of introduction mainly because he is a close aide of r President Yoon Ki-hwan. ” he said this.

He included, “It is a really hard level, but I really don’t assume it is proper to get rid of the particular person who is the most agent (of Honam).”

Chairman Joo thought of the qualifications of the appointment of Joo Ki-hwan, previous Jeonbuk Governor Jo Bae-sook, previous Jeonnam Governor Lee Jeong-hyeon, and the re-election of Consultant Lee Yong-ho and Jeong Un-cheon, who were born “It was regarded as,” he claimed, revealing the system in an strange way.

The pursuing is a Q&A from the President of the Condition.

— View on the procedure of the non-captain human being and the timing of the future social gathering consultant election conference.
▲ Wouldn’t it be much better to solve crisis scenarios as before long as probable in the course of the implementation stage?

The concern, however, is no matter whether it is correct to keep a substation through the ordinary assembly of the National Assembly, which starts on 1 September.

As a final result of listening to opinions within and outdoors the bash, the viewpoint that it would be far better to entire the typical Nationwide Assembly and transfer the team was mind-boggling.

— ‘Chief Ho-Younger Joo’ was named ‘Non-Captain Administration Pioneer’.

▲ If you just say command, you command the squadron.

Having said that, in mild of the urgent predicament of the various functions, it is not plenty of to expend time in the squadron (preparation).

It is very clear that there is a motive why the party’s acceptance rankings are falling.

Wouldn’t it be an innovation to obtain him and restore trust from the persons at the identical time?

I consider there are some items that our celebration program has in no way worked for.

It is not doable to continue to keep an eye on the committees of the parties’ associations throughout the country from time to time.

In addition, the standing committees of the National Assembly do not properly appear after govt insurance policies.

— What do you assume is the captain’s to start with process?

▲ The most urgent issue is the steadiness of the party.

I will not know what the buy will be, but I consider the three most essential tasks are the balance of the celebration, restoring believe in, and choosing a successor chief to sustain a right squadron.

— How to solve conflicts in just the get together or the places to aim for.
▲ We will work the bash in a neutral manner and listen to and mirror the sights of all those who have grievances or criticism about the operation of the social gathering as a lot as probable.

— What are the prospects for the final results of the injunction request submitted by previous CEO Lee Jun-seok?
▲ The judge does the trial, not us, so it is not possible to forecast, but there are two issues that are identified as so-known as challenges.

Firstly, it is critical whether or not the member of the Supreme Council who introduced his resignation has by now lost his position at the time of taking portion in the conclusion.

We argue about 4 factors.

Very first, the good resignation have to be the time when a composed resignation letter is specified to the occasion.

Next, in accordance to Short article 691 of the Civil Act, even if the house resigns, even if the delegation has been terminated, if there is an urgent determination, an urgent determination can be created in the buy of resignation later until the quorum is loaded. .

Thirdly, even if this was not the circumstance, the (procedural) mistake was fixed by the determination of the Nationwide Standing Committee with out increasing an objection.

Fourthly, since additional than a quarter of the standing users of the Nationwide Committee have asked for a different assembly, even if the request to convene the Supreme Council is not authorized, there is no obstacle to opening the National Standing Committee.

Next, there is a provision in the Political Get-togethers Act that choices of the party’s representative body simply cannot be manufactured in composing or via an agent.

The get together regulation prohibits composed or agent selections since of the likelihood of distorting political impression.

The ARS vote we made is not a created or proxy final decision prohibited by political social gathering legislation, due to the fact we confirmed the person’s identification in advance and then conducted it a number of times.

Not only that, there was something to do with ARS at the June 11, 2021 nationwide conference when Lee was elected.

If the ARS vote is invalid, not only would the foundation for his existence as a consultant disappear, but he also reviewed the structure of the occasion two or 3 situations while he was a consultant.

— Are you scheduling to get hold of or satisfy with former CEO Lee individually?
▲ Just after (former) CEO Lee (previous) held a press conference, he plainly explained that he would not satisfy, that assembly did not enable just about every other and place a burden on each and every other, and then not has attempted to get in touch with them.

— There is a ‘private hire’ controversy in the president’s place of work with regards to Ki-hwan Ki-hwan’s son.

▲ That difficulty is a subject for the presidential place of work to take care of and response.

— There is worry that Yoon-shim will be mirrored in the non-submission committee as the primary non-commissioned member is a close aide of President Yoon.

▲ If 1 out of 9 minutes displays Yoon Shim, what would it be?

In the upcoming, if you search at essential non-captain decisions or matters like this, you will know how neutral and truthful it will be.

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