A smartwatch that also measures REM sleep is less than 6,000 yen

“SOUNDPEATS Watch2” is the second smartwatch series produced by the Chinese earphone brand “SOUNDPEATS”. It has a new blood oxygen concentration measurement function, and the main body has been made smaller, so that it can be worn without strain even while sleeping. The 1.28-inch display makes it easy to operate.

A smartwatch that also measures REM sleep is less than 6,000 yen

SOUNDPEATS Watch2 has a full workout menu

“SOUNDPEATS Watch2” covers general measurement items such as pedometer and heart rate monitor, and has a function to measure the cycle and time of REM sleep / non-REM sleep. It helps you manage the quality of your sleep.

There are many types of training, and it is unusual to have activities such as walking and running, as well as yoga, basketball and football.

When you exercise from the app menu, distance, speed, heart rate conversion, etc. are recorded. Even if you think you’re moving, you’re not eating any calories at all.

SOUNDPEATS Watch2 has a sleep management function

In addition to sleep time, the sleep management function measures the cycle and time of REM and non-REM sleep. It’s also nice to be able to get information about sleep with the app.

There are 42 designs available for the dial, and you can also customize it using your own image. You can set your favorite design. Apart from the app’s battery usage, it has a lot of functions, so even if it’s your first one, you’ll be satisfied.

The size / weight is 45.7W × 42.6H × 11.6Dmm / about 38g. The battery capacity is 220mAh and the usage time is 7 days. The display size is 1.28 inches and the waterproof function is IP68. Other features include sedentary notifications, weather information, and more. The actual price is 5,478 yen.

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