A smartwatch that can measure blood pressure is less than 6,000 yen

“LEMFO” is a smart watch manufacturer that has a number of multi-function devices close to 30,000 yen from entry models around 5,000 yen. Among the entry-level models, the LF26Pro features a mechanical watch-like look with a chronograph-style dial and metal band. A smart watch that can measure blood pressure.

A smartwatch that can measure blood pressure is less than 6,000 yen

Blood pressure measurement with LEMFO smartwatch

LEMFO’s “LF26Pro” will be a great choice for those who like to watch because it has a design that does not feel the “lightness” that is unique to smartwatches.

For middle-aged and elderly people who worry about lifestyle-related diseases, measuring blood pressure is a daily routine, but they tend to forget to record it. It is important to keep track of your blood pressure and notice changes.

The LF26Pro prevents such mistakes by transferring and saving the measured data to your smartphone. The measured value is only a guide, but long-term data recording is convenient.

Low LEMFO smartwatch measurement

Blood pressure measurement time is approximately 15 seconds. In addition, since this measurement value is not a medical device, it is fundamental to use it as a guide. A value about 10 to 15 mmHg lower than the actual sphygmomanometer measurement value came out.

The blood pressure measurement value is designed to be recorded in the standard application “Healthcare” on iPhone. In the dedicated app “Da Fit”, the data is only organized in the order of measurement, but in the case of healthcare, changes in blood pressure can be seen over a period of one day to a year.

The LF26Pro comes with a metal band frame filler tool. If you ask a watchmaker, it will cost 500 to 1,000 yen, but if it is a cheap product, you may want to customize it yourself.

The size / weight is 46.7W × 54H × 12Dmm / 110g. The battery capacity is 330mAh and the usage time is up to 7 days. The display size is 1.32 inches and the waterproof function is IP68. Other functions include sleep monitoring and displaying weather information. The actual price is 5,978 yen.

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