A Sneak Peek into Model Han Hye-jin’s Wedding Dress Tour with Friends

Model Han Hye-jin Reveals Wedding Date Plans

By Cha Yoo-chae, Reporter for Money Today | August 18, 2023, 22:27

Model Han Hye-jin recently made an exciting announcement, revealing her plans to tie the knot on October 10th. However, her friends couldn’t help but laugh as the exact year was not yet decided.

On the 18th, Han Hye-jin shared a video on her YouTube channel titled ‘Wedding Frog Chosen by Bride-to-be Han Hye-jin’, where she took her friends of 20 years on a wedding dress tour.

During the video, Han Hye-jin’s friends playfully referred to her as the “preliminary bride” and engaged in a lighthearted discussion about whether the bride-to-be should sit next to Han Hye-jin.

Contrary to the expectations, Han Hye-jin revealed that the wedding photo shoot was intended for a fashion magazine and not an actual wedding. She shared, “It may sound peculiar, but I set the wedding date when I was 20: October 10th. I have a strong affection for this particular date.”

Amidst laughter, Han Hye-jin’s friends pointed out her lack of intention to marry anytime soon, considering her expected wedding year of 2033.

Dressed in various stunning wedding dresses, Han Hye-jin expressed her utmost satisfaction, stating, “They feel absolutely amazing!” Her friends also showered her with compliments, acknowledging that she truly looks like a model in a wedding dress.

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Reporter Cha Yoo-chae, Money Today | 2023.08.18 22:27

Model Han Hye-jin / Photo = YouTube Channel ‘Han Hye-jin’ captures Model Han Hye-jin She announced that she would get married on October 10th. However, the wedding year was not decided, so it brought laughter to friends.

On the 18th, on the YouTube channel ‘Han Hye-jin’, a wedding date was revealed? A video titled ‘Wedding frog chosen by bride-to-be Han Hye-jin’ was posted.

In the video, Han Hye-jin went on a wedding dress tour with her friends of 20 years.

Han Hye-jin’s friends called Han Hye-jin ‘Yesin’ (preliminary bride) and started talking about whether the bride-to-be should sit next to Han Hye-jin.

/Photo = Captured from ‘Han Hye-jin’ YouTube channel However, Han Hye-jin called her friends for a wedding photo shoot for a fashion magazine, not a real wedding. She said, “It doesn’t make any sense, but the wedding date was set when I was 20. October 10,” she said, “I really like the date.”

Han Hye-jin’s friends pointed out, “You have no intention of getting married,” in relation to Han Hye-jin’s expected wedding year of 2033.

Afterwards, Han Hye-jin wore wedding dresses of various designs and was satisfied saying, “It feels really good.” Friends also praised Han Hye-jin in a wedding dress, saying, “The model is definitely different.”

[저작권자 @머니투데이, 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

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