“A song that suits you only”…Kunta final stage of ‘Show Me 10’, which was criticized for its worst production (Video)

Mnet ‘Show Me The Money 10’

[인사이트] Reporter Ji Dong-hyun = ‘Show Me The Money 10’ Kunta’s final stage was heavily criticized.

In Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 10’, which aired on the 3rd, the final stage was held to determine the winner among the TOP4 players: Bio, Synth, Kunta, and Jo Kwang-il.

On this day’s broadcast, the final stage was performed as a solo stage for the rapper in the first round and a joint stage by the producers in the second round.

The full-fledged stage unfolded, and Kunta stepped forward first, and presented the ‘Double up’ stage with a message of hope that he would ‘Double up’ anything twice.


InsightMnet ‘Show Me The Money 10’

With ‘Double up’, wishing for a hopeful tomorrow, Kunta set a stage with a lively atmosphere unlike before.

In particular, on Kunta’s stage, as many as three rappers, including Raewon, Mushvenom, and The Quiett, participated in the featuring and fired support.

As it was the final stage, producer Yeomda and the Saturday team worked hard on Kunta’s stage, but the audience’s reaction was different than expected.

The reaction of the three featured members was that it was difficult to concentrate on the stage, as well as the breathing of each rapper didn’t match, and the beat didn’t suit them either.


InsightMnet ‘Show Me The Money 10’

In fact, the stage clip video received a lot of criticism from viewers, such as “It feels like I made junk food with the highest quality ingredients”, “It is clear that Yeom-da doesn’t like Kunta doing well”, “Giving Kunta a song like this. A song that would only suit her.”

Similarly, on the ‘Timing’ stage, which was completed with Yeomda and Saturday, negative comments such as “Stop producing Yumda” and “I only see Saturday and Sunday playing guitar” were posted.

At the beginning of the broadcast, Kunta appeared as the godfather of reggae hip-hop and received a lot of anticipation for her soulful rap.

Kunta chose the Yeomda team, which had maintained a close relationship since the past, but as a result, compared to the fans’ expectations of the winner, he received a slightly disappointing scorecard.


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