A spokesperson for the Royal Thai Army reveals that the Ministry of Education has modified the curriculum to add history subjects. hoping to foster in children virtue, patriotism, religion and the king

On 26 November, 2022, Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri, Deputy Secretary General of the Prime Minister for Political Affairs He revealed acting as spokesperson on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office, according to the Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Assigned the Ministry of Education (MOE) to develop and improve the history of teaching and learning to be interesting

Mr. said Anucha Ms. Treenuch Thienthong, Minister of Education. Therefore set aside the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) to propose to the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) a meeting, which will be held on November 28, for consideration and opinion. As a (draft) Ministry of Education Announcement on “Educational Management of the Institution Curriculum Structure 8 Learning Subjects and 1 Basic Subject of History of Basic Educational Institutions” and considers the guide for guiding the management of learning history and civics in the financial year 2023 as a guide to the attachment of the educational institution And educational institutions can organize teaching and learning activities effectively.

Mr. said Anucha that the Ministry of Education has responded to the Prime Minister’s policy that the Ministry of Education has developed and improved the teaching of history. to be interesting for children and students to learn about the main institutions of the nation the struggle of the ancestors of the unity of the Thai people in various important events at national and local level

“The prime minister emphasizes the importance of improving the lifestyle of citizens. Encourage new generations of children and young people to be good leaders and be able to be role models in doing good deeds for society. And children must be nurtured to be good people with manners, ethics, patriotism, religion and the king. to get information and understanding about Thailand’s national history and local history for children and young people to love and cherish the earth And be a strong citizen of the nation now and in the future,” said Mr. Anucha.

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