A staff member at the University of Minnesota is employed to employ a sex worker

There was only one problem. This is not true, and there was no real sex worker. Rochester Policing Department two years ago has been instrumental in attracting people seeking illegal sex. After reviewing Feyissa's responses, they decided that many of them had to introduce it. They found him in the hotel and charged him serious misconduct.

An investigator said that replies to these fake notices are common, but advertisements are rarely advertised. They received only three or four replies to this notice in particular in the last six months.

In fact, the government refused the original website to organize it. The only reason the information survived is that there are smaller websites in other countries – our government cannot close down – assimilation.

The police say that when he was arrested, Feyissa claimed he was not engaged in research but. Authorities said it claimed to be “curious about how [sex workers’] lives forever. ”

But the cops do not believe his explanation is compatible with his responses to the ad, although they do not release the text of these conversations.

Feyissa was not responding to interview requests, but Inside Higher Ed said that he sent an email on Sunday saying he was not “telling the police”. [he] research was being carried out as part of it [his] job, ”despite reports otherwise.

A university spokesperson sent a statement stating that the school was “aware” of the allegations against “current employee,” and that it would “monitor the situation closely.”


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