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  • Image Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • sorae – Galaxies that light up from time to time, as a result of stars being torn apart by black holes?

This is a picture of “a star partially torn apart as it approaches a supermassive black hole” submitted by sorae in an article dated January 23, 2021.imaginationin.

This image was used to explain the glowing phenomenon that occurs in the active galaxy ESO 253-3, which is about 570 million light years away, published by a research group at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

This glowing phenomenon appears to be at the center of ESO 253-3Supermassive black hole (about 78 million times the mass of the Sun)The flashing phenomenon is thought to occur repeatedly because the fixed star which rotates the 114 day period “survives being torn apart each time it approaches the black hole” ‘.


In addition, it is estimated that the star loses gas equivalent to about three times the mass of Jupiter every time it approaches the black hole.



【active galaxy】
Some galaxies radiate strong electromagnetic waves from a very narrow central region. Such galaxies are called active galaxies. The central region is called the “active galactic nucleus” or “active galactic nucleus” (AGN).

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