a stream of tears In one day, the amount of the donation increased to 5 million to help brothers and sisters after the end of the pillar – fresh news

Streams of kindness flowed to help brothers and sisters, small children who are alone. after losing grandmother and father Regarding the death of the mother 6 years ago, the amount of donation has reached in one day, more than 5 million baht.

Progress on December 7, 2022, in the case of the saddest siblings, aged 12 and 11, living alone because grandmother and father died As for the mother, she died 6 years ago. Recently, the sheriff and many agencies. Get ready to renovate the house to stay safe. Due to the lack of a pillar, 2 carers at the same time, and the amount of donations adjusts the bank book at noon. More than 5 million baht has been donated.

after cremating his father’s body yesterday This morning, I collected the bones and put them in the cot to make merit. After the ceremony, the two brothers carried the ossuary to the father’s bones and returned home. Which is a wooden house on a high basement, an empty house, not one piece of valuable property, with the two people telling their parents to bring his father’s ossuary home He will come to live with his mother at home together ready to bow

Later, Mr. Sanong Bussabong, Phran Kratai District Chief come to visit and donate things And there was also a monk from Lan Krabue District and donated money and things and president of Nong Hua Wua Sub-Regional Administrative Organization Came to donate money to help , including the director of the special children’s center, Kamphaeng Phet Province, officials from the Office of Social Development and Human Welfare, Kamphaeng Phet Province came to inspect to find further help.

When inspecting the two sisters’ houses, it was found that there was no front wall. Therefore, there is no entrance door to the house. making it an empty house through the head of the region and the chief officer of the village together with the villagers, including the prime minister SAO has consulted with that The front of the house which is still missing must be made and the door and the window. for the safety of the Prime Minister the Administrative Organization of the Sub-Region will ask the technician to come and coordinate with the head of the village to bring the residents to help complete the renovation work as soon as possible.

The two brothers said they brought their father back home today. feeling sad now Lonely and very sad, only 10 days, Grandma and her father who used to take care of them had to leave both of them quickly, who still couldn’t come over him. Next, we have to take care of each other because grandma and dad are gone. as well as thanking the philanthropists across the country who have helped everyone

Mrs. Dalat Thavorn, who is a Sub-District Administrative Organization in the area and a relative of the child, revealing that he will help take care of the children who are grandchildren by taking them to buy school uniform clothes which from the children but one set of each no shoes having to stop studying because there was no money to go to school After this, the children will be allowed to go to school every day and the money given by the philanthropist is reserved for scholarships.

To Mrs. Tawee Banglat, she has a job An assistant to the head teacher of the village, as Mrs Dalat Thavorn, is a sub-regional administrative organization in the area and both of them are relatives of the two children, with the villagers and the two younger people trust them to join and sign the account as well. And withdrawals must have the names of all 3 as withdrawals. And there is no ATM card to prevent self-withdrawal.

Regarding the latest donation amount the philanthropist transferred money to the Phran Kratai Branch Government Savings Bank, account name: Mrs. Tawee Banglat, Mrs Dalat Thavorn or Ms Nuttawut Klahan, account number 020404728717, the latest amount has already reached about 5,800,000 baht, it is expected that there will be continuous donations.

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