A summary of the play ‘Luk Pete Thong Jue’ highlighted the heroic deeds of society, asking the Dara child to be given the privilege of being above the law? | Daily News

Become a regular family drama “Thong Juea” which is highly criticized. After someone came out to reveal the heroism of the daughter and son of “Pete Thongjuea” and “Jeng Wilailak” that they entered a pub and drove a car under the age of 18.

news team today daily news online have compiled a summary of such drama stories and criticism from society that asks and Do women have privileges above the law?

about the drama that happened It started with one Twitter user. Came out to ask questions about “Miya Piccha Thongchuea”, the daughter of “Pete Thongchuea”, how she was 17 years old, but there was a photo of her entering a party that was limited to people aged 20 and over. The “WONSOJU NIGHT OUT” event led by the famous Korean artist “Jay Park” was held on Sunday, April 16, 2023 at THALIA CLUB BANGKOK in the Sukhumvit area.

However, people argued that Fluke’s father came out to post fun photos at that event, which in the photo included Miya’s son and “Bright Wachirawit”, probably because parents were taking away. make the entertainment place for young people to participate in the event

There is also a photo that netizens are curious about. with Miya driving on the road Even if it’s an MV shoot, which is legal. Drivers must be 18 or older, but some are unsure if Miya will drive.

Social media has recently shared the clip. youngest son as “Nong Rotor” is not yet 18 years old and drives a car on the expressway. which has other road users too, which means it’s becoming a huge criticism now.

For driving laws the applicant for a driving license must be at least 18 years old For motorcycles with a combined cylinder capacity of not more than 110 cubic centimeters. Must be at least 15 years old

and legal penalties, Place of Service Act, 1966, Place of Service Act It is a law that governs the business of service establishments. For teenagers who wish to use the service, whether it’s a Tech Pub, a cocktail lounge. The law has prohibited shop owners from consenting. Or let young people under 20 use the service. An order can be made to suspend the licence. And if you commit crimes frequently, you may be ordered to close or not renew the business license.

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