A teacher summoned by the gendarmerie for “inciting a strike

Issiakou Malam Issa, teacher at the Lycée de Kakataré in Maroua, was summoned by the gendarmerie for his participation in the protest movement “We have borne too much” (OTS).

This movement was launched by teachers to demand payment of their rights. Issa was accused of “incitement to strike” by Gendarme Bekono.

The teacher revealed that the gendarme told him that he was not acting on his own initiative, but on orders from his superiors. Issa refused to sign the minutes of the hearing on the advice of his colleagues, who had come to support him at the gendarmerie brigade.

Despite the intimidation, Issa and his colleagues remain determined to continue their strike movement. “OTS is all the way to the station,” Issa said, signifying their intention to continue the strike until their demands are met.