A tired woman, a husband who is addicted about 13 times in one day, hasn’t finished polishing the gun for 4 hours. Netizens suggested this.

too tired girl Long cast complaining about some man’s addiction, record 13 times in one day I used to wake up to see a worm slide for 4 hours, I’m not done yet.

A woman revealed through Dcard that her husband had excessive sexual desire. The highest statistic was being in bed about 13 times a day. and although her body was now weak But she was still able to do it up to 7 times a day, that had exhausted her.

The owner of the post also said that this made her laugh. “I might have done it with him in the morning. But he had another need in the afternoon. and in the evening too.”

and with excessive demand making her unable to meet it at all. Recently, he had to turn to help himself. But that surprised her again. She said her husband started masturbating one night at 1am until she woke up at 5am to find she was still fighting with her own weapon. Without letting go of his desire at all, in the end, he could only ask, “Do I have to go see a doctor?”

The torment of the man she had seen with those eyes This made her feel very worried. So decided to post this for social media advice. “He will spend a very long time masturbating for 1-2 hours or more. It’s been 4 hours now, does he need to go to the doctor?”

After the article was published Netizens were shocked, saying, “Uh … you need help”, “Be careful that he goes out to eat”, “The concept is breakfast, dessert after breakfast, lunch , dessert for lunch. Lunch Dessert for lunch Late night snacks”, “Discharged 13 times, it’s human”, “Go to a Chinese doctor It’s too late These symptoms should be resolved as soon as possible.”