A tough job market meets a small business trust

A monthly Job Opening and Labor Turnover survey revealed that these job openings are on a record platform. Other report – NFIB's Small Business Development Index – said small firms have hope at the lowest in the months.

Given that a large number of job openings may be like a booming business economy, these two pieces of news may face it. But talking to the businesses itself, it is easy to see how businesses might be difficult.

One reason: It is very difficult to find workers these days.

"There was one point when I was hiring and set up a full interview day – I think I had about 14 interviews back," said Emmeline Zhao, partner and general manager of Little Tong Noodle Shop New York. "Only two people showed."

She said that Little Tong's role is that many roles have gone unpleasant.

"The question is how we work in the same way, how do we optimize our operations with a stronger team?" She said.

Senior economist Wells Fargo, Sarah House, said that this is now one of the largest small business firms.

"[Businesses] growers need to grow, "said the House." The machines can not do it all, so their behaviors have to find that they are starting on their opinions a bit. "

For workers, these are not bad if you can only show a job interview.

"You're happy to get out of your job and move on to something new if you feel that the economy is doing well and that you can get a new job," said Frances Donald, the head of a macroeconomic strategy in Asset Management Manulife.

Gall Gall's poll this week has been hoping that Americans are financed at the highest level in 16 years. Pay is also rising slowly.

But this keeps the pressure on attracting businesses into candidates. Zhao at Little Tong said she is traveling other benefits to attract candidates, such as healthcare, spending money and opportunities to go up.

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