A trip down! “Tina Supanat” and “Ingfah” travel to Singapore

A trip down! “Tina Supanat” and “Ingfah Waraha” are traveling to Singapore

From the drama about “Ingfah Waraha”, Miss Grand Thailand 2022, fans think that The department works so hard that there is almost no time to rest. Until hashtag #Ingfah public #Let the sky take good care of the sky Until became trend number 1 Twitter, which yesterday, September 20, 2022, “Ingfah Waraha” Live cleared the drama of tears, apologizing to “Nawat Israkraisil” and the organization, and confirmed that he still loves the same.

On the side of “Nawat Isarakraisin”, he broadcasted a live response to the said case, saying that I was not comfortable with it. I don’t want to let the problem go on and on until it becomes a chronic problem. What is there to cut off the power, but the wind? People asked Did you really go to Singapore? admit it’s true and that’s all I’m defending the sky he won’t let people despair Take Ingfa to cause more cases and take more risks and he didn’t think to sack the youngest from his position being able to continue working for the country

And love is a personal matter. If you promote well It is not strange If there is, don’t look at the time, selfish love is duty. Ready to warn the sky Be careful that you will be destroyed because of relatives and lovers, and if “Tor-Nor” wants to take “Ing Fa” to travel, come in and make a contract first. Business class travel and sleeping in 5 star hotels only must be noted, and it is not angry with the sky. but disappointed and disappointed I hope the other party will come back to see the light in life as usual. Ready to hit on “Tor-Nor”. Why did you just come to like “Ing Fa” when you were famous and money?

After “Nawat” went live, “Moddam Kachapha Tancharoen” came out to answer that “Tor-Nor” that Nawat mentioned was the handsome daughter of “Tina Supanat Chit”. ” Leela, the actress. Soon the bus tour ended. There are netizens commenting on Tina’s Instagram photos, saying, “Give Ing Fah back, take a break, don’t do anything with P’Fah Boss has tell you, get ready to be affected, come love something now, stop.

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