A trip to Australia! Let’s see if Chinese women can break into the semi-finals

A trip to Australia! Let’s see if Chinese women can break into the semi-finals

2022-09-19 15:33:26Source: Xi’an News Network

The 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup will be held in Sydney, Australia from September 22 to October 1. According to the competition system, the 12 teams are divided into two groups, the top four teams in each group progressing, followed by the knockout rounds. The Chinese women’s basketball team is in the same group as Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, South Korea and the United States Can the Chinese women surpass the sixth place in the previous two World Cups and compete in the competition this? -finals, or even stand on the podium in the end? This is undoubtedly the biggest “watch” that Chinese fans pay attention to.

Secondly? Number seven?

How old is the Chinese women’s basketball team?

Historically, the Chinese women’s basketball team participated in the Women’s Basketball World Championship (precursor to the Women’s Basketball World Cup) for the first time since 1983. During the nine trips to the World Championships, the women of the Chinese women’s basketball team have stood on the podium twice: 1983 In 1994, the Chinese women’s basketball team won second place in the World Championships, which is the best result that the Chinese women’s basketball team has achieved achieved so far at the World Championships. In addition, in 2002 and 2014, the Chinese women’s basketball team won sixth place in the World Championships, 12th in 2006, and only 13th place in 2010. In 2018, the Women’s Basketball World Championship was officially renamed the Women’s Basketball World Cup. The Chinese women’s basketball team failed to reach the semi-finals and finally lost to the French team in qualifying, placing sixth.

At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, China’s women’s basketball team won fifth place under the recklessness of coach Xu Limin. Although it still failed to advance to the semi-finals, the team’s technical and tactical performance and the performance of several core players is still. won by the outside world, and fans are sure. At the beginning of this year, the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that Xu Limin would no longer serve as the head coach of the Chinese women’s basketball team due to physical reasons. The female coach Zheng Wei, who had served as an assistant coach of’ the front. the national team for a long time, led the team to the World Cup qualifier in February this year as the interim head coach The basketball girl won the World Cup tickets with a strong record of three wins, and at the same time transferred in a beautiful answer sheet for the fans all over the country.

In the middle of August this year, FIBA ​​released the list of the strength of the 12 teams participating in the 2022 World Cup. In that list, the Chinese women’s basketball team was second only to the American women’s basketball team. the team after . Then, in the middle of September this year, FIBA​​​​ updated the comprehensive strength list of the national women’s basketball team. This time, the top ten teams in the world are: the United States, Spain, Australia, Canada, Belgium, France, China, Japan, Turkey, Serbia, the Chinese women’s basketball team only ranked seventh.

In fact, in the two ranking lists from FIBA, the reason why the ranking of the Chinese women’s basketball team has changed is mainly because the scoring rules for ranking statistics are different, but whether it is “the second place in the top 12 of the World Cup “”, or “the overall ranking of the national team is seventh in the world and first in Asia”, all show that this Chinese women’s basketball team has the strength and r level to return to the best teams in the world.

The knockout phase is a tough fight

Chinese women’s basketball still needs the word “spelling”.

In May this year, 59-year-old Zheng Wei officially took over as the new head coach of the Chinese women’s basketball team. This basketball player, who has been the assistant coach of the team’s women’s basketball team national since 2009, has finally stepped up. into the foreground and became a Chinese basketball player The rare female head coach of women’s basketball.

Zheng Wei

In order to prepare for the Women’s Basketball World Cup, the Chinese women’s basketball team held training camps and long-term training games this summer. The team began focusing on May 20. The first two months were mainly for recovery and skills training personal. At the beginning of August, the whole team went to Europe for training, and played warm-up games with France, Belgium, Spain, Serbia and other powerhouses. Zheng Wei said bluntly: “During the training period, the team revealed problems such as cutting pressure, many mistakes, and poor collisions. We have been working hard to solve them. After all, The World Cup comes every four years, and every team appreciates this opportunity to compete.”

This time leading the team to Sydney, Zheng Wei has gathered the strongest line available: Li Yueru and Han Xu, the “twin towers” who fight in the WNBA on the inside, and Li Menghe, who have good physical fitness and dare to do so. fight, on the front line.Huang Sijing of the World Cup qualifier MVP trophy. However, the back line of the Chinese team is still the biggest “soft underbelly” in the previous warm-up game with the Serbian women’s basketball team, the three defenders of the Chinese team scored only 4 points, but there were as many as 17 mistakes. No wonder FIBA ​​women’s basketball expert Paul Nelson made it clear: “The Chinese team has many talented players who have the opportunity to make an impact on the World Cup podium, but only if the defenders giving enough support to the attackers and inside players. And help.” In Nielsen’s opinion, many of the world’s strong women’s basketball teams are currently in the transition period between the old and the new, and their overall strength has declined. This is an opportunity that a team should Chinese women’s basketball grabbed it.

Having said that, for the women of the Chinese team, this trip to Australia still needs the word “spell” in the first place. In addition to the reasonable distribution of physical fitness for the intensive schedule, the first game with the South Korean team in the group stage and European powerhouse Belgium Team games are very important. And after breaking into the knockout stage, it is even more difficult to face the situation that every game is a hard fight. If you are a little careless, you may not be able to achieve your goals. Regarding the goal of going to the Women’s Basketball World Cup this time, Li Yueru, the inner core of the Chinese women’s basketball team, said in a media interview: “I hope we can rank better than the previous one!” an implication is that we must at least rank No. 1. A rank of five, and in the eyes of many Chinese fans, the most reasonable goal of the Chinese women’s basketball team is to reach the semi-finals and strive to make an impact on the medal.

Text/Jin Pengtu, Omnimedia Correspondent from Xi’an Newspaper Industry/Xinhua News Agency

The specific schedule for the Chinese women’s basketball group stage is as follows (the following are all Beijing time):

September 22, 15:30 China vs South Korea

September 23 12:30 China vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

September 24th 12:30 China v USA

September 26, 15:30 China vs. Puerto Rico

September 27 11:30 China v Belgium

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