A UAE competitor to GPT Chat

Abu Dhabi: Chat GP, which becomes a global wave To compete with Teo, a product made in the United Arab Emirates has been developed. The institute called ‘Falcon LL.M’ is located in Abu Dhabi. Falcon A to compete with Open AI, DeepMind, Google startups LM Chatbot is priced as possible. Government-backed Abu Dhabi technology company Inno It, developed by the Vashan Foundation.

Advanced technology to pave the way in the United Arab Emirates Nirmitbuddhi Gavesha in the organization that he is their main concern. Lab Director Ibtisham Al Masroui said. United Arab Emirates former global leader in high technology They add that they are committed to providing the train.

Meanwhile, the Falcon is not yet available to the public. Expect it to be available soon but the exact date has not been decided yet. Better than GPT-3 models from DeepMind and Google According to Stanford University, the Falcon is cheaper and faster. It is evident in the exam conducted by Gham. More details on this will be released in the coming days What is the price?

News Summary – A ChatGPT competitor is being built in Abu