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A ‘very positive’ ragged card game is coming to Steam

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▲ Inscription screenshot (photo source: Inscription Steam official page)

On the 20th, Devolver Digital released its new rogue-like deck building ‘inscryption’ on Steam.

Inscription is a new game developed by Daniel Mullins, creator of Pony Island, which has been evaluated as a masterpiece of indie games. As of the 20th, the Steam user rating is ‘very positive’, and the number of reviews is 285.

The game follows the protagonist’s journey in a secluded house in a deep forest, falling into the trap of a stranger who only knows the name of ‘Leshy’, avoiding threatening traps and uncovering hidden secrets.

▲ Inscription launching video (Video provided by Devolver Digital)

The game is played by building a deck with a set of cards drawn in black ink, confronting the opponent, and solving various puzzles. In the process, various expressions from 8-bit to live-action shooting can be seen, and homage to classic masterpieces such as the Secret Series of Monkey Island appears.

In particular, the card game part reflects a unique element with the theme of ‘sacrifice’, so you can enjoy the feeling of fear that comes rushing in even while sitting and playing card games.

Inscription has been released on Steam and supports subtitles in Korean. The regular price is 22,000 won, and it will be sold at 19,800 won with a 10% discount until November 2nd.


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