A video clip of a migrant being harassed in the desert is on social media; Indigenous youths arrested

Doha: Police arrested a group of local youths for harassing an expatriate in Qatar in the desert. The video of them harassing the expatriates went viral on social media. The action of the Ministry of Home Affairs is based on this observation.

The authorities have only released the information that the victim of the attack by the accused is an Asian expatriate. The Ministry of Home Affairs has tweeted that after coming to the attention of the social media video of him being harassed in the desert, the concerned departments of the Ministry of Home Affairs have taken action and there will be no failure to take action against trends of such. which is against the law and social values.

Referring to what was circulated on social media regarding a group of young men attacking an Asian person, the competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior have taken action; Where the attackers were arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution

– Ministry of Interior – Qatar (@MOI_Qatar)

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Last Updated April 2, 2023, 4:41 PM IST