A Vietnamese orphan who was abandoned at the age of 4, life reversal… World’s most beautiful woman

“I grew up without my parents’ love”
Abandoned at the age of 4 and won Miss Grand International

Photo = Nguyen Thuy Dien’s Instagram

A Vietnamese woman abandoned by her divorced parents when she was 4 years old won the Thailand beauty contest ‘2021 Miss Grand International’ and became the world’s most beautiful woman.

According to the media on the 8th (local time), local media such as Vietnam Plus, in the final of ‘2021 Miss Grand International’ held in Thailand on the 4th, Vietnamese national nguyen thucthuy tien was selected as the most beautiful woman.

Thuy Dien personally shared her sad story in this contest. “I am not a princess who lived in a pink castle,” he said. “I grew up without the love of my parents.”

Thuy Dien revealed that she was raised by her aunt when she was 4 years old after her parents divorced and grew up with the help of relatives until she was 18.

He has been working part-time as a model and hotel receptionist to earn money for tuition and living expenses. There were even times when I worked more than 18 hours a day.

Nevertheless, he had excellent academic performance and is said to be able to speak four languages: English, Thai, and French.

Nguyen Thuy Dien / Photo = Miss Grand International's official SNS

Nguyen Thuy Dien / Photo = Miss Grand International’s official SNS

Thuy Dien, who participated in a beauty contest based on her modeling experience, has received attention in various international competitions for her beautiful appearance and beautiful body. After placing 1st in Miss South Vietnam in 2017 and 5th in Vietnam in 2018, she represented Vietnam in the 2019 Miss International contest held in Japan.

Thuy Dien said, “I hope that war and violence will never happen again. Various charitable activities and kindness for our neighbors in need are the mission of the whole world, not just one country. Today, my dream has come true and I believe you can do it too.”

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