A waste of time really! The villagers complained that the district office was deserted and had not seen anyone for 2 days.

A waste of time really! The villagers complain that the district office has been abandoned. Came to contact the government for 2 days, not even one official was found. NPR has explained Go to the Prakhon Chai Games

On March 22, 2023, reporters reported that In the online world, video clips have been shared. The villagers were angry in an area in the province of Buriram after coming to contact the government and they did not see the officers for 2 full days until the condition resembled that of a deserted area. where the villagers had just come to see the paper pasted to the computer stating that on March 22, there was the opening ceremony of the Prakhonchai Games Who will come to contact the government to come on the afternoon of March 23?

Most recently, at 11:00 am, the reporter traveled to the Prakhon Chai Regional Office. When he arrived, he found villagers who came to contact the government office in the district office gradually returning. because there are no service personnel Most of the villagers will continue to stick to the state welfare card. Some of them work on government documents. The reporter then walked up to the district office. No officers sit in the office at all. There were only 2 officers in the ward room who came to answer questions from the villagers. but they cannot provide other services When asked where the officers were going I said that the sheriff, the deputy area officer was present at the sporting event.

When asked the person who took the clip One of the villagers who came to contact the government said that he and more than 20 villagers traveled to contact the government at the Prakhon Chai Regional Office for two days in consecutively, March 21 and today (March 22.) But no officers are working or serving the villagers at all. until an uncle who came to contact the government and could not see the officials Displeased because he was wasting travel money and wasting time making a living So he told him to take a clip as evidence that he had come to contact the government but that the officer did not actually see

But personally, I’m still surprised that 9 o’clock in the morning is usually the official time, there should be an officer coming to work. But when he arrived, he did not find a single officer. When the villagers walked to see the paper sign behind the computer screen A message says that Wednesday, 22nd, is tied to a sporting event, for villagers to contact the government on March 23, which is tomorrow. In fact, there should be some officers waiting to work. Because it is a public day Or if the service is closed, a large sign should clearly inform. Because when making an appointment to get documents from the villagers, they still arrive on time. I want the area to improve and fix the work. because the people who traveled with money miss for the car wasting time doing the same thing

Mr revealed Kittiphat Kawang, Sheriff of Prakhon Chai District, that there is an opening ceremony this morning (March 22) for the Prakhon Chai Games. At Muang Talung Pittayasan School by part of the staff Went to help with work at the school, and later, the organizer said that the equipment was not enough. So call to tell the district officers to bring the equipment to the school. causing the villagers not to meet the officers So I apologize. The sheriff said that Now the officer has returned.


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