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A way for theme-type ETFs from publicly traded fund-focused managers

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Chairman Kang Bang-chun “goal to be listed within this year”
Shinyoung and Meritz Asset Management are also reviewed.

As money flows into themed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), asset management companies that have been centered on public offering funds are also jumping into the ETF market one after another. ‘Latest runners’ asset managers are trying to differentiate themselves with ‘theme + active’ ETFs.

On the 7th, Kang Bang-cheon, chairman of Asset Plus Asset Management, announced in a letter to a customer that it would enter the ETF market within this year. Instead of a passive ETF that simply tracks an index, it plans to release an active ETF that incorporates the investment strategy of the manager. Shinyoung Asset Management and Meritz Asset Management are also reported to be considering launching an active ETF.

Midas Asset Management, an independent management company, is also planning to introduce an ETF with the colors of Midas in the near future. Along with Time Polio Asset Management, which entered the active ETF market earlier, DS Asset Management, a representative domestic private equity fund, is also working with the goal of launching an ETF within this year.

Among ETFs, latecomers to ETFs are paying attention to active ETFs because Samsung Asset Management and Mirae Asset Management are dominating the passive ETF market.

If the competitiveness of passive ETFs comes from brands, the differentiation strategy of active ETFs is ‘theme’. Seven of the eight active ETFs listed at the same time on May 25 this year were themed. BBIG (battery, bio, internet, game), ESG (environment, society, governance), eco-friendly car value chain, and new and renewable energy are products that focus on specific themes. Time Folio Asset Management, which is called the ‘masterpiece of hedge funds’, also entered the ETF market on the same day, and released ‘BBIG Active’, a themed active ETF.

“Active ETFs can compete based on performance rather than brand as they can utilize each manager’s unique strategy,” said an official from an asset management company’s ETF strategy office. said.

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