A Weekly Overview of Brokerage Ratings: 393 Stocks Are Concerned by Brokers, Jangho Group’s Target Increase of 117.53% _ Oriental Fortune Net

Every AI Express, from May 8 to May 14,brokerageA total of 393 stocks were rated, and a total of 279 stocks received a buy rating.Among the 63 stocks that have announced target prices, according to the latest closing price, the stocks with the highest expected gains areJangho Group(601886.SH), Aojie Technology (688220.SH),ZTE(000063.SZ), the expected increases are 117.53%, 69.08%, and 63.54%, respectively.

Judging from the degree of attention of securities companies to individual stocks, there are 86 individual stocks that have received the attention of many securities companies.GAC Group(601238.SH)、Shuangliang energy saving(600481.SH)、Ningde era(300750.SZ)。

From the perspective of securities companies’ attention to the industry, the industries with the highest number of stocks that securities companies pay attention to are chemical industry, electronics, and pharmaceutical biology.

*Because the data of brokerage ratings on Sunday needs to be counted every other day, the statistical data period for this question is from last Sunday to this Saturday

(Article source: Daily Economic News)

Article source: Daily Economic News

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Original title: One-week overview of brokerage ratings: 393 stocks attracted the attention of brokerages, and Jangho Group’s target increase was 117.53%

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