A wireless adapter achieved the ‘Nopio’ valve index Kickstarter

▲ The ‘Nopio’ Valve Index wireless adapter has appeared (photo source: Nopio Kickstarter website)

A product has emerged to solve the wiring cable problem, which was identified as one of the few flaws in the VR HMD valve index. The ‘Nopio’ wireless adapter unveiled through the Kickstarter project is the protagonist.

Nopio is a product developed by an Australian start-up company of the same name, and is a device that allows you to enjoy the valve index wirelessly. Kickstarter fundraising began on the 18th, and about $600,000 (about 840 million won) has now been raised, surpassing the goal of about $200,000 (about 283 million won). On the 21st, a Steam page was also opened.

The way it works is simple. Connect the cable previously connected to the HMD to a separate adapter, connect the wireless connection device to the HMD, and then place it on the head mount. There is no additional hardware to use, and it does not affect game performance as it does not use any additional resources to use the device. The maximum usage time is 2 hours, and an additional battery that can be worn on the body is also being developed.

The current set price of Nopio is $387 per unit (about 540,000 KRW), and it can be purchased for $339 (470,000 KRW from here on) when pre-ordered. The fundraising will continue until November, and prototype production will begin as soon as the fundraising ends, with the aim of delivering 2,000 products by March next year.

More details about Nopio will be revealed later.

▲ Nopio’s introduction video (Video source: Nopio’s official YouTube)

▲ Nopio representative image (image source: Nopio Kickstarter website)

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