Home News A woman dreams of bringing him up from the ground. before excavating the wreck Villagers flock to see the ship’s number – fresh news

A woman dreams of bringing him up from the ground. before excavating the wreck Villagers flock to see the ship’s number – fresh news

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Woman dreaming of driving a backhoe to be brought up from the ground before excavating the wreck of an ancient ship Villagers flock to see lucky numbers The ship’s serial number is clearly 3 digits.

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On June 27, 64, reporters reported that Villagers unearth an ancient ferry around the Mae Klong River Opposite Ban Pong Temple, Village No. 2, Berk Phrai Subdistrict, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province, the land owner is improving the landscape. A number of villagers were standing around exploring and trying their luck at the unearthed shipwreck. It is about 1 meter deep from the soil surface, in a state of decay over time. And also found that the engine is also installed.

Mr. Watcharapong Duang Chamnan, 42, a backhoe driver, said he was hired by a contractor to improve the landscape. customer’s home area which is planted on the Mae Klong River It was previously notified by the landowner that a ferry was buried by the river. Along with having invited the Abbot of Wat Plak Rat to light 45 incense sticks to perform the opening ceremony. When he finished, he tried to dig for it, but couldn’t find it. Everyone even thought of giving up on the search. until about midnight

while he was sleeping In a dream, I heard a woman who didn’t see herself, whispered in her ear, saying “Let us get up from the ground for a bit.” He therefore believed that there really was a boat and that the sound that was heard was probably the voice of Mae Yanang Ruea. Until the morning, he told the story that happened to the landowner. with permission to continue excavation Until finally the boat was found. After this, the landowner will take the wreck up and clean it up. before being moved to keep at Plak Rat Temple

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Mr. Pansak Thongplew, 65, a former ferry driver, revealed that this ship was an Iamjun ship. In the past, it was a ship to transport and sell goods from Samut Songkhram Province Take a river cruise up to Ban Pong Market. Later, villagers contacted to buy a boat to make a ferry at the Green Pier. Currently located in the area of ​​the Public Library Ban Pong Municipality The ship’s serial number is 153 and can carry about 20-30 people.

Even the way of life and transportation changed from boats to cars. and the construction of a bridge across the river causing the ferry business to be closed down The boat was moored by the pier. when the rainy season The ship drifted along the current and sank in that area.

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