A woman was forced to transport drugs from St Louis to Springfield


Look at the crime in Springfield, Missouri.

A woman in a federal court was charged after her say that she was trapped by drug trafficking from the St. Louis towards Springfield.

Ashley A. Brott, 28, was co-sponsored Wednesday for a combination of fentanyl after court documents were said to have been made in Phelps County.

Ashley Brott (Photo11: Greene County Jail)

According to a criminal complaint filed in a federal court, Bhott's monitoring authorities began in December based on information received from a different case.

The complaint states that the law enforcement was tracking Brott's mobile phone on February 5 when she traveled from the southwest of Missouri to St. Louis and then he was back towards the Ozarks.

Phenps Brott County Sheriff Office representative decided to speed up Roll at that night and allowed to search his vehicle, according to the complaint.

The complaint says that the authorities received a syringe containing a clear liquid over the heading in the Brott car and in suspected baggage bags, heroes and possibly fentanyl hidden in a brott set of Brott pains.

The authorities believe that Brott has given different trips to transport drugs from St Louis to Springfield, according to the complaint.

Brott is run in Greene County Prison and there is no solicitor listed for this case.

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