A woman who miscarries 4 times in 5 years is suspected. A woman who miscarries 4 times in 5 years, secretly caught on camera until she knows she “deliberately” caused an abortion for the happiness of her husband’s daughter.

in the early stages of pregnancy The embryo has not yet implanted safely. So, miscarriage is quite likely. Especially for those who are pregnant for the first time. Even some people miscarry without even realizing it, but it is rare for a healthy woman to have four to five miscarriages in a row, as is the case with a family in China.

Mr. Chen, 30, living in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, married a woman three years older than him. When a woman is pregnant for the first time She was very proud and happy. But after a while, she unfortunately miscarried. Although he was very sad, he still tried to be strong. And at the same time comforting his wife that they still have many opportunities.

However, after that, the woman continued to have miscarriages during the five years she was married. She miscarried four times, causing him more and more sadness and anxiety. Especially when taking his wife to check in the hospital. Doctors still can’t find a cause. She often said her health was normal every time.

Until recently, the woman was pregnant again. This time, for his wife’s safety, he decided to install a camera in his bedroom. to want to know what his wife does and eats at home but he did not tell his wife about this As a result, he found out the truth which was heartbreaking and painful. After she miscarried again

He examined the images on the camera. His wife secretly uses some drugs without his knowledge. She hurried back to check before discovering it was an abortion pill. He could not understand why his wife was doing this. Because he himself wanted to have children very much. And the woman had already expressed her desire to become a mother too. Finally, he decided to speak directly to his wife. she cries and agrees to tell the truth

It turns out that the reason was because he had been married before. and he has an 8-year-old daughter who has the right to raise children after divorcing his ex-wife Although the current wife is a stepmother. But she treats her husband’s stepdaughter as tenderly as her own daughter. But of course, she still wants to have children with her husband to make the family more warm.

But one time she asked her stepdaughter, “Do I want a brother or sister?” Instead, he responded with an unexpected answer from an 8-year-old girl, “I don’t want to have a brother anymore.” Hearing this, she couldn’t help thinking too much. and in the end he decided not to have any more children because he didn’t want his stepson to feel sad. That’s why every time she gets pregnant, she secretly takes the abortion pill.

He was shocked and saddened by this fact. he hurried his wife tightly into his arms I am grateful to my wife who is not afraid to sacrifice her own happiness to take care of her stepdaughter. and don’t forget to support your wife because he believes that his daughter will gradually understand and gradually accept her sister or half brother for sure


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