A wooden wonder; Vintage Citroen 2 CV car sold at auction for Rs 1.86 crore

Vintage cars have a huge fan base in foreign countries. The characteristics of such a car are now going to be known. The main feature of this car is that its body is made of wood. This is a wooden carved model of the 2CV model released by French car manufacturer Citroen in 1948. This rare vehicle was sold at auction for crores.

The Citroen 2 CV model, with body panels and chassis made entirely of wood, was sold for 2.10 lakh pounds, or Rs 1.86 crore. Although it is made of wood, it is a vehicle that can be used as a normal car. It is also registered in France.

The car was bought at auction by Sean Paul Favand, an old car enthusiast and museum owner from Paris. ‘It’s worth more as a work of art than as a car,’ he said.

The car was built by a person called Michael Robillard. Walnut wood was used for the sides of the car and pear and apple wood for the chassis. A single trunk of a cherry tree was chosen to make the bonnet.

Michael built the car using only tools such as a hand chisel and sandpaper. In 2016, a Citroen 2CV model was sold at auction for €1,72,800. A very rare 1961 Model 2CV from the Sahara attracted just that much. The new auction has surpassed the previous sales record. The Citroen 2CV was launched in 1948 to compete with Hitler’s brainchild, the Volkswagen Beetle.