A. Worried about a ‘little spirit’, pleading to go back to Thailand – work pending

A. Labor worried about ‘Little Ghosts’
Asking to go back to Thailand – waiting for work

There are more than 20 days left until the February 28 deadline in a South Korean official. Open to illegal residents Come and report to leave the country on a special voluntary basis (Special Voluntary Departure Programme), especially illegal Thai workers who go to work secretly or “Little Ghosts”

Those reporting in person will be exempt from fines. and stop the travel ban on South Koreans who can travel back in again

But if he does not report himself during the specified time he must pay a fine of 30 million won, or about 800,000 baht

Since the start of the project in late 2022, more than 2,601 Thai people have reported themselves.

“Suchar Chomklin” Labor Minister Concerned about Thai people working illegally in South Korea who will suffer. So we were asked to report to travel back to Thailand Because now the Thai government is led by Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister, a policy to urgently restore the country after the COVID-19 is resolved. causing the tourism sector to expand business sector moving forward Our economy at home has a better trend. Enterprises are in high demand for labor and are willing to pay high compensation. especially in the tourism and services sectors

“So don’t worry that you won’t have a job when you come back. Everyone can work close to their families, legally and with a decent income,” guaranteed the Labor Minister.

of information of “Phairoj Chotikasthira” The Director General of the Department of Employment (KorJor.) said that the number of ghosts who showed that they are returning to Thailand is considered a minority because it is estimated that there are about 1.4-1.5 hundred thousand little ghosts in South Korea

“Most of them work illegally in industry, agriculture, construction, restaurants because South Korea offers high wages. around 50,000-60,000 baht a month, allowing people who want to go to work to earn money to send back to support their families. Not many returned. because they want high wages want to work until the compensation is worth the investment lost Some have asked for an exchange from employers trying to persuade workers to stay. Because they pay cheaper than workers who go legally,” said the director general of ACT.

Since May 2022, South Korea has relaxed travel restrictions from COVID-19. As a result, the number of foreigners traveling to South Korea continues to increase. As Thai people traveling to South Korea Between June and December 2022, from 181 hundred thousand in June to 191 hundred thousand in November and 201 thousand in December.

The number of illegal Thais in South Korea also increased, from 139 lakh in June-September to 145 lakh in October and 147 lakh between November and December.

The effect of more Thai illegal immigration in South Korea made South Korea official especially the immigration agency South Korea Focus on Thais who travel to South Korea more and more strictly. Be it Thai tourists People who come to visit relatives or even visit groups

From April 1, 2022, the Agreement on Visa Exemption for Thai-South Korean Passport Holders began to take effect again after the relaxation of COVID measures. South Korea requires nationals of Thailand and other treaty nations to apply for a visa-like K-ETA. as another way of screening the little ghosts from entering South Korea causing some Thai people to suspect that they could smuggle in
Little Ghost in South Korea is not endorsed by K-ETA.

Although some Thai people received K-ETA before traveling but they were refused entry by South Korean immigration officials. and be deported back to Thailand on the next possible flight as soon as possible If you see signs of illegal work

The undeniable fact is that there are indeed many Thais intending to work illegally in South Korea. Previously, when South Korea opened new countries. There was news that a flight from Thailand that landed on Jeju Island with about 280 Thai nationals arrived on the first day, more than 50 people disappeared from the itinerary. November 7, 2022, allowing Thais illegally in South Korea to voluntarily report back to Thailand.

Most recently, on February 6, there were still 23 Thai tourists on two flights that lost contact after arriving in South Korea at Muan International Airport, South Jeolla Province, one of the famous Thai charter flights. This is the first foreign chartered flight to arrive at this airport which has recently reopened with relevant agencies from the Thai government. Remind Thai people who come to work illegally in South Korea that Although the income seems to be better than in Thailand But smuggling, working illegally is not eligible for health insurance. There are many causes when working until health worsens. Or get sick until your health is broken. The savings gained from working are still not enough for treatment. until having to be sent back to Thailand While relatives had to come and make a loan for them And become a burden on relatives who have to pay debts and take care of patients in the long term

side “Don Thachareonsak” Project Manager, Community Potential Institute former master’s student of Cheonnam National University, South Korea, author of the thesis entitled Little Thai workers in Korea revealed that the number of Thai workers who went to work in Korea illegally. also known as little spirit Found that the number is constantly increasing. From the data, it was found that there were about 40,000-50,000 people before 2014, but after 2014, it was found that the number of such workers increased to about 150,000 people and continues to increase. until encountering the situation of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the number of such workers began to decrease or stabilize. involving 140,000-150,000 people because travel in and out of the country is difficult

If we look at the broad picture of the global context, we will see that working in different destination countries illegally It has not happened recently and it is not happening only in Korea. But other countries like the United States, Singapore, Taiwan have the same situation. The high wages are already the main factor that makes people want to work in Korea. But if we look at it from another angle, we get that There are other countries where wages are high. But why do people choose to go to Korea? Partly because Currently, Korea itself has a labor shortage that requires labor. Because most students in Korea after graduation will focus on careers in fields that do not require more labor. This causes labor shortages in agriculture and industry.

The reason why people want to work in Korea Choose to use illegal means. Without going into the system of the Department of Employment, there is a time Delay and procedure but he sees The important factor is more “quota” because many years ago, Thailand had a quota to work in Korea legally, about 20,000 of people, which is a good job to some extent. But illegal labor is back in the hundreds of thousands. which does not include the number of people who want to go to much more

At the same time, legal workers are not well protected. Some people meet bad employers. pulled himself out of the job there and chose to be a laborer like a little ghost On the other hand, those who go to work illegally have met employers who take good care of them. which is the latest project that Korea has opened for entering the project back to Thailand, which will waive various fines Give by February 28th. Whether it will be able to solve the problem of small ghost workers or not, it is considered that there could be a number of solutions. but not all First of all, you have to look back. In the past, Korea also had

This kind of policy has always been Thai workers in Korea have also learned and adapted all the time as well. who think that Thai workers in Korea who have been in Korea for a long time will decide Are you going to take the risk, between staying and coming back to Thailand, which would be more worthwhile? Returning to Thailand, will there be a job to be held or not? But this policy may have some effect on the decisions of the young spirits who have just traveled. But in the end it depends on the person. but if you think This policy will only partially reduce the number of young ghost workers.

“About the proposed guidelines for solving the problems of the Thai government to solve the problem of illegal labor It is very difficult. Could every new immigration law have to be changed or not But from a point of view, I want us to look back at the problem, what caused it, why did people know it was illegal? but still choose to go Is it because of the economic conditions and poverty in our country?” said Mr Don.

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