A Worthy Trip: An Intimate Exploration of Self-Discovery and Healing through Writing Eulogies

h2: Premiere of “A Worthy Trip” Captivates Audiences in Beijing

h3: A Stellar cast and crew share insights into the film’s production

Prominent filmmakers and actors gathered in Beijing on September 6 for the premiere of the highly anticipated film “A Worthy Trip.” Producer Cao Baoping, director and screenwriter Liu Jiayin, lead actor Hu Ge, along with Wu Lei and Qi Xi among others, attended the event. During the premiere, they engaged in discussions with guests and industry audiences, revealing the intricacies of the film’s creation.

The storyline of “A Worthy Trip” revolves around Wen Shan, a struggling screenwriter (portrayed by Hu Ge), who unexpectedly finds solace in composing eulogies for others. As he interacts with his clients, they reciprocally heal and discover their own paths in life.

Hu Ge, relating to his character Wen Shan, shared, “I believe that I bear a strong resemblance to him deep within. However, I must acknowledge that he surpasses me in terms of resilience.” Hu Ge further expressed how he felt a resonance with his character throughout the filming process. He divulged that playing Wen Shan would often remind him of his late mother, confessing, “She is no longer with us. There were many regrets, even guilt, and self-doubt in my heart. In those last few years, our time together was limited. This film grants me an opportunity to make amends, addressing the void in my own life.”

Wu Lei, who portrays Xiao Yin, labeled his character as the “mirror image” of Wen Shan, describing Xiao Yin as the protagonist’s idealized self.

Producer Cao Baoping acknowledged that his motivation primarily stemmed from the sincerity and vision of director Liu Jiayin. He stated, “She possesses a unique mode of self-expression, and my focus is on ensuring this film effectively brings her ideas to fruition.” Meanwhile, Director Liu Jiayin explained the underlying purpose behind the film, “I chose the theme of life and death because I believe our existence becomes more potent in the face of mortality. It reminds us to truly live.”

Qi Xi, enamored with her role as Shao Jinsui, expressed her fondness for the character and vividly recollected the filming experience. She shared, “This film evokes a sense of purity within me, as if I’ve returned to my roots.” Gan Yunchen, who plays Lao Lu, noted the similarity between Wen Shan and his character, describing them as kindred spirits. Zhao Qian, portraying Wan Xiaomei, admired her character’s ability to conceal inner remorse with candid language, emphasizing the significance of not bottling up emotions. Xiao Li Zhenzhen, portraying Mr. Wang’s son Feifei, expressed his emotional response to the film, exclaiming, “This drama radiates warmth.”

The premiere also drew support from various colleagues and friends of the main cast and crew. Following the screening, they shared their sentiments and deep connection with the film.

Actor Wang Chuanjun commended Qi Xi’s performance, noting her convincing portrayal. He additionally commended the film’s overall impact, stating, “The power of the film lies within its dialogue, urging us to constantly forge ahead.” Actor Yan Ni remarked on the connection between the character Wen Shan and the mesmerizing soundtrack, highlighting the filmmakers’ attention to detail. She further praised the restrained yet intense performances delivered by the cast.

“A Worthy Trip” showcases Wen Shan as a “purveyor of eulogies,” who employs words to grant solace to those embarking on their final journey. Throughout the story, he encounters a diverse range of clients, including Mr. Wang, the Wanjia siblings, Lao Lu, and Aunt Fang. Alongside the spiritual connection with Xiao Yin, Wen Shan is accompanied by his mentor, a friend from the funeral home, and a livestock breeder, each contributing to his personal growth and acceptance of imperfections. The film, set for a nationwide release on September 9, promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative.

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Guangming Net News(Reporter Pang Cong) On September 6, the premiere of the film “A Worthy Trip” was held in Beijing, producer Cao Baoping, director and screenwriter Liu Jiayin, lead actor Hu Ge, with Wu Lei, Qi Xi, By Yunchen, etc. • attending the event, Chatting with guests and industry audiences about the ins and outs of film making.

The film tells the story of the down-and-out screenwriter Wen Shan (played by Hu Ge) who randomly started writing eulogies for others. While communicating with various clients, Wen Shan and the client healed each other and o’ they finally found each other. own direction in life.

“I believe that my inner appearance is quite similar to him. But I am not as good as him, because he has the courage to persevere.” Talking about the feelings of starring in “Worthwhile Trip”, Hu Ge believes that he is the same as Wen Shan in the film There are many resonances on the same frequency. Hu Ge said that in the process of playing Wenshan, he would often think of his mother, “She is no longer there. In fact, I have always had a lot of regret in my heart, even guilt and self -fai. work, during the last few years of her life In the film, the time spent together is very small and very limited, and in this film, it also makes up for a lot of regret in my own life.”

Wu Lei pointed out that the Xiao Yin he played is the “mirror image” of Wen Shan: “Xiao Yin is a villain in Wen Shan’s heart, and this villain is his ideal self.”

Producer Cao Baoping said that what really motivated him was the director’s sincerity. “She has her own way of expressing herself, and my point is to promote this film to present her ideas.” Director Liu Jiayin expressed her original intention of creating the film: “The reason why I chose the theme of life and death is because I feel that in the matter of death Before things, our existence will be more powerful, and it will we have a feeling of life to death.”

Qi Xi likes the role of Shao Jinsui she plays very much, and can clearly remember the shooting scene: “This film gives me a pure feeling, like returning to the starting point .” Gan Yunchen, who plays Lao Lu, noted: “Lao Lu is the narrator, and Wen Shan is the listener. They are the same kind of people.” Zhao Qian believes that Wan Xiaomei, she is n her play, using her blunt language to hide her reluctance and inner remorse. My heart can Don’t be silent for a long time.” Xiao Li Zhenzhen, who played the role of Mr. Wang’s son Feifei in the film, also expressed emotionally: “This drama brings warmth to everyone.”

At the same time, many friends of the main creator came to the premiere to help the film, and share their feelings and empathy after the screening.

Actor Wang Chuanjun thought that Qi Xi’s performance in the film was very slack, and he also expressed his understanding of the film: “The line of words is the key point of this journey, and we must continue to move forward. He felt that Actor Yan Ni bod “Wen Shan and Hu There is a connection in the song”, and this film “every shot is very specific, and the performances between the actors are restrained and full of tension”.

In the movie “A Worthy Trip”, Wen Shan, as the “person who wrote the eulogy”, also “uses words to send everyone on their last journey”. In the process of writing the eulogy, he met all kinds of clients, except for Mr. Wang (played by Huang Lei) who made an appointment for a eulogy for his relatives, and the Wanjia siblings (played by Hu Yaozhi, Zhao Qian ); Lao Lu (played by Gan Yunchen), an entrepreneur who made an appointment to write a eulogy for his colleagues; and Aunt Fang (played by Na Renhua), who made an appointment for a compliment service for herself. On the way of Wenshan’s growth, in addition to Xiao Yin (played by Wu Lei) who accompanied him in his soul, he also had a teacher (played by Sun Chun) who accompanied him all the way, his friend Pan Congcong (played by Bai Ke) who worked in a funeral home, and a breeder (played by Bai Ke) with stories. Yang Qingsheng). In the encounters with everyone, Wen Shan also gradually accepted his imperfect self, and realized that even if internal conflicts are always present, he must continue to move forward. The film will reportedly release nationwide on September 9.

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