A young man who attacked a Russian woman was caught in a blood bath while jogging. at the reservoir

from the case 38-year-old Russian woman was physically attacked until he was injured While jogging in the Mabprachan Reservoir, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, the victims chose to seek help from the villagers. before being taken to the hospital for treatment The incident occurred in the evening of 18 May.

After the incident, the police have set up an investigative team. Go to the area to find clues from witnesses and CCTV along the route before the incident and after the incident It was found that surveillance cameras were able to record images of suspicious cars. chasing a russian girl enter the scene Before the picture appeared, the victim ran away to die and asked for help from villagers on the roadside.

Later, on the evening of yesterday (19 May 65), the police detained the suspect, a Thai man aged 30-35, and seized a suspected bronze Mazda vehicle, registration number Boro 4806, Chonburi for to the police department of probation DNA collection check suspect Suspicious car interior including from the victim himself who had been wounded neck injury It also looks for evidence from the victim’s clothes, fingernails. which may have parts of the body of the perpetrator attached as evidence linking them with wrongdoing

The latest at 06.30 on 20 May 65 Col. Damrong Iampairote Superintendent of Nong Prue Police Station revealed that from the results of the stress test, the suspects throughout the late night The suspect has confessed. as the person who committed the assault on the Russian madam real victim

claiming that before the incident he was in a state of stress And while driving to see the woman jogging, parked the car, hugged her and tried to drag herself into the forest beside the road to rape. But the women fought with all their might. before escaping to cry for help

Anan Kingsorn, reporter for Pattaya City, Chonburi Province

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