“A zebra was beaten by a kangaroo”… escaped because of this

Cerro the zebra was allegedly hit by a kangaroo before escaping from the zoo. [사진출처 = 유튜브 채널 ‘영석쓰’ 캡처]

An allegation was raised that Zero, a zebra, was beaten by a kangaroo shortly before escaping from Neungdong Children’s Grand Park Zoo.

On the 28th, a video titled ‘The reason Zebra Cero escaped from the Great Children’s Park’ was uploaded on YouTuber ‘Young Seok’s channel.

In the released video, Zero walks across the fence and approaches the kangaroo wagging its tail. However, the kangaroo repeatedly attacks Zero’s face with its front legs.

However, Zero does not give in and continues to be beaten.

Previously, on the 23rd, Zero escaped from the zoo and became a hot topic by walking around the city.

At the time, Grand Park Plant announced that it had installed security fences in Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul in cooperation with the police and fire authorities, and then proceeded with anesthesia to return Zero to the zoo. Zero escaped after destroying the wooden deck placed in the cage at the zoo at 2:50pm on the same day. It became a hot topic when the image of a zebra roaming a residential area and a car was shared on social media.

Firefighters dispatched after receiving a report captured the zebra alive at 6:10pm using anesthetics and tranquilizers.

Zero is a 3 year old zebra born in 2021, and known to have grown up receiving lots of love from his parents at Grand Park Plant. However, after the death of the parent zebra, it was reported that he did not enter the house and showed rebellious behavior such as fighting with a kangaroo.


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