AAF Week 1 Score, highlights: Spurrier & # 39; Philly Special & Calls; your TD, Orlando and San Antonio winners open

Folks, we did it. Pro football is finally here … again!

Week 1 of the regular Alliance Alliance of American Football is a half way as San Diego Fleet traveled to the San Antonio Commandant, and Atlanta Legends went to Orlando to take the Apollos. By the end of the night, there were two significant significant results. San Antonio had a strong defense to overcome the Fleet and the Apollos did not have any doubts on the handling of the Legends.

There will also be two other games on Sundays with Arizona, Birmingham, Memphis and Salt Lake City screening (Here's how to watch it all of these weekend games). What should fans expect? It is difficult to say, in particular, because there is no history of achieving this prospect, but we hope we will see good football.

CBS Sports was with you all afternoon as the first two AAF games were out. Here's what went down on a Saturday night …


Orlando Apollos 40, Atlanta Legends 6
Commanders of San Antonio 15, San Diego Fleet 6.

Check out these …

Terence Garvin should return to the NFL soon

Orlando Apollos linebacker Terence Garvin was a tour of the NFL, but is already making waves in the AAF. Although the 40-6 Apollos win is an aggressive show, Garvin is probably the most prominent player of the game. There were 10 fighting in the afternoon, including some in the backdrop for negative plays, as well as a pair of mediation, and got back to the house for a touchdown. You do not want to prioritize the fate after a row – Atlanta seems to have many of them resolved – but Garvin did a bit of everything. It was unhealthy, it was good in envelope and it was all over the field.

San Antonio's defense shines in a low scoring game

You're not thinking about this but there was another mediation in the San Diego-San Antonio game. However, the most courtesy of the Office arrived behind Zack Sanchez's defense, which showed a great technique in this game-playing pitch. This helped the Commandors get a 15-6 win in the open. Although the aggressive exhibition around the AAF was thought to have put San Antonio on display, he won good yet and Mike Riley's team confidence should be defended by moving on.

Commanders, Fleet suffering from visitors

San Antonio and San Diego did not participate directly in a barn roof. Immediately both protect well and key pads were forced, including interventions by both teams in the red zone. However, Ryan Moeller San Diego may have been courtesy of the most remarkable intervention on the afternoon, which took a pass without any gloves. San Antonio had a 12-6 command at the time, but the Commanders did not go away.

The Special Orlando is the signature of Spurrier

Of course, Steve Spurrier made the "Special Philly" against Atlanta. Of course, he did. Except this time he was the Special Orlando. In one way or way, he worked. Garrett Gilbert took the ball to Akeem Hunt, who was presented to Jalin Marshall, who then hit Gilbert in the final zone for a touchdown going up 22-6 on the Legends. It's a fun-of-hell, but the reality is that the Apollos did not need tricks to influence Atlanta.

The first touchdown was close to one

The Apollos scored the first touchdown of the night (and for the AAF) when Garback Gilbert quarterback won a wide receiver Jalin Marshall on strike over the middle of the field. Marshall, who was doubled, came to a fierce fall, but Atlanta coach Kevin Coyle refused the score. However, following further reviews, the officials decided that Marshall's elbow was down and he had the ball.

Younghoe Koo scores the first points of the AAF

There are two things that you can say about the Atlanta Younghoe Koo ciceailer: 1) GREAT name. 2) He scored the first points ever, for the AAF. Koo tried 38-guard in the first quarter against Orlando Apollos to give the Legends a 3-0 direction. The former South American player spent a season with the Chargers in the NFL before entering the Legends.

Washington gives the boom

Who says that the AAF is an offense? Costs are prohibited on the house, but this does not mean that they can not get the quarterback. Watch online San Antonio, Shaan Washington, completely abused Mike Diego quarterback Mike Bercovici on this sack-fumble. It is a surprise surprising that Washington was clearly clear about Bercovici. In any way, what he draws attention, and at the beginning the protection of the Controller.

Advent updates to games on Saturday

There are some adverse news for Saturday games before things go. Leaders are running back with Trey Williams (plus) and Jordan Thomas (house) backyard for Saturday's game. Curtis Mikell (ankle) fleet reserve is listed as suspicious.

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