AAV successfully increased liquidity to more than 14 billion, shareholders are confident. Book more shares than the target

On 18 Jan. 2022, Asia Aviation Public Company Limited (“AAV”) successfully restructured its shareholding. This allows the company to have working capital and increase liquidity in business continually. The latest has been well received. from the allocation of the newly issued ordinary shares in the amount of not more than 1,714,285,714 shares, or a value of 3,000 million baht, to the existing shareholders in proportion to the number of shares held (Rights Offering) on ​​10-14 January 2022, after previously increasing the registered capital and Offered shares to specific investors (Private Placement) worth 8,800 million baht and convertible debentures worth 2,200 million baht were completed, totaling 14,000 million baht.

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Mr. Tassapon Belleveld, Executive Chairman of Asia Aviation Plc. and Thai AirAsia Co., Ltd. said that the allocation of newly issued ordinary shares to the existing shareholders (Right Offering) valued 3,000 million baht, which is the last capital increase according to the company’s liquidity increase plan, 14,000 million baht, received a very good response. Although the offering period is a period when the economy and stock markets are affected by the coronavirus situation The existing shareholders exercise their rights in the proportion prescribed by the Company at 5.7625 existing ordinary shares per 1 newly-issued ordinary share at a price of 1.75 baht per share.

And at the same time, the shareholders expressed their intention to subscribe for more than the rights that they received. As a result, the demand for capital increase shares is higher than the number of newly issued shares that the company has set. This reflects the confidence that investors have in the company for long-term stable growth as well.

“I would like to thank the shareholders and investors for their confidence and continued trust in the board of directors and management of AAV and Thai AirAsia. which we are ready to promise that after the covid situation We will continue to strive to lead the company to sustainable growth,” said Mr. Tassapon.



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